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Had an interesting discussion in history class today, in the late 1800's American educational system moved away from religious affiliations…

Started by Yuan ZhangLatest Reply

ACLU Accuses La. School of Religious Harassment ~~ For the full story. Thoughts, considering th…

Started by Tamhas ~ Admin ~Latest Reply

Who’s your favorite Enlightenment Philosopher?

    My favorite enlightenment philosopher would probably be Voltaire. He was a person who stood up for what he believed in. All while the c…

Started by Katelyn Rose BradyLatest Reply

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I am being bullyed because I am an atheist. What should I do?!

I am a 13 year olad girl and I am being bullyed because I am an atheist. My so-called friends found out I was an atheist and told everyone.…

Started by The Nerdy Atheist

11 19 hours ago
Reply by Landan Stuard

Why should evolution be taught in school if religion can't?

Teaching religion and giving your religious opinion is looked down upon in school, so why should evolution, which may be offensive to many…

Started by Shannon Rae

273 yesterday
Reply by Best [Forum ಠಿ_ಠ Mod]

Do you guys believe that grades define how smart a person is?

I've been talking about this topic with a couple of friends lately and many of them have different opinions on this. What do you guys think…

Started by Sabrina

65 on Friday
Reply by Aurorah Arndt

Do the ends ever justify the means?

Is it ever okay to hurt a hundred for the sake of a million? Is it okay to exploit the volunteers for a charity in order to address a large…

Started by Maria

6 on Friday
Reply by Aurorah Arndt

What is Feminism today?

Is feminism still about trying to give women equal rights or has it evolved into something else? If something else, has it become something…

Started by David Lewis

2 on Thursday
Reply by Patrick McGovern

Pro-Ana? Pro-Mia?

So, I've always been under the impression that anorexia and bulimia are a variation of mental illness that is not to be taken lightly. Fema…

Started by Parade

19 on Wednesday
Reply by Jasmine Laini


I attend church and youth groups a lot and they are always telling you how to get to heaven when deceased and how to help others get to hea…

Started by Taylor Hook

10 Jul 21
Reply by Abigail Ahn

God does not hate gays

I stand against all the hate and bigotry that ignorant Christians promote in the name of loving their God. That said, I am about at my wit'…

Started by inkonpaperhero

2565 Jul 21
Reply by Abigail Ahn

Is Chivalry Dead?

I came upon this topic recently. Is it impolite to hold the door, or is it proper? Please tell me your views.  P.S. I'm very interneticall…

Started by Daniel Fletcher

3 Jul 20
Reply by BP

Why do women vote?

They are members of a household and thus idk why they get out and vote. How did they earn rights and why

Started by Maggs Science

56 Jul 20
Reply by Freya Louise


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