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Striving towards a Gender-less Society?

As someone who is Agender Pansexual I have never understood the point of gender roles in our society. Its just something that I don't perso…

Started by Darby TylerLatest Reply

Gamergate Discussion (Games journalism and sexism in games)

So, I'm putting this here rather than in any gaming related sub because I want to have an intelligent debate about it. I'm also posting thi…

Started by Lizzie FinnLatest Reply

I'm Gay, and This is Why I Don't Support Legalizing Gay Marriage

In our current political environment (USA) people are constantly grouped into two categories on almost every issue. Those that the Republic…

Started by Nathan William FryzekLatest Reply

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Is Utopia Possible?

I've never thought that any sort of utopia is truly possible, unless everyone has the same exact mind, goals, favorite things, pleasures, a…

Started by Kristen Albertson

1 yesterday
Reply by Daniel Fletcher

Why Are Evolution and Christianity Pitted Against Each Other?

I'm a Christian. I believe God created the world, however, I don't believe he snapped his fingers and BOOM Earth and endless galaxies. I th…

Started by Kailey Jordan Gray

37 on Tuesday
Reply by Vertigo_One [Ops Mod]


Hey everyone, I thought I'd put up a discussion about something other than religion. Do you have any thoughts on homeschooling? I hear many…

Started by Daniel Fletcher

3 on Tuesday
Reply by BP

This is why Atheists hate christianity

Warning these videos have cursing

Started by Amanda Weaver

23 on Monday
Reply by Eystein,

Relationships in YA novels

I want to talk about this because I’ve noticed it a lot lately and as far as I see, there isn’t a lot of online discussion about it. As a 1…

Started by Meg W

3 on Sunday
Reply by BP

The ultimate logical argument against atheism...

I'd be interested to see what people on here make of this The Elliott Argument It basically posits that if a position offers you with onl…

Started by Vertigo_One [Ops Mod]

37 Feb 26
Reply by Rodd McKoy

Should Vaccination be compulsory?

Should vaccination be compulsroy? Yes? No? Why? Why not? My view is yes, because of the danger vaccinated people present. To explain why,…

Started by Vertigo_One [Ops Mod]

99 Feb 25
Reply by Vertigo_One [Ops Mod]

"Owned & Operated," a documentary to inspire a global shift in human consciousness.

Excessive consumerism, a miss allocation of resources and wealth, indefinite uses of finite resources, a constant stripping and bastardizin…

Started by Dylan R N Crabb

4 Feb 25
Reply by Latch33570

HIV Hunting Bacteria

Hello I was wondering, with all the genetic manipulation technology we have if it would be possible to alter a bacterias DNA in order to ma…

Started by Marco Antonio Santos Ciscato

11 Feb 21
Reply by LoCAtek MexiCali

God does not hate gays

I stand against all the hate and bigotry that ignorant Christians promote in the name of loving their God. That said, I am about at my wit'…

Started by inkonpaperhero

2619 Feb 20
Reply by Noah Thomas


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