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Wolverine vs. Jedi

who would win? first you've got healing and claws then you've got the force and lightsabers

Started by Nina Sephi Padawan

151 Jan 19, 2010
Reply by MisterShadow

Can religious faith go to far?

I myself am not a very spiritual person, but I do have lots of friends who are and do enjoy talking about their faith publicly. But there i…

Started by Travis

12 Jan 19, 2010
Reply by Decepticon

An historical persective on why Prop 8 won't last

Started by Gabrielle

6 Jan 19, 2010
Reply by Gabrielle

Isn't it great that people can delete something on the internet when they get embarassed?

Isn't it even better when you catch people doing it? Jake, I think General Larry Platt was singing about how you were caught…

Started by MisterShadow

74 Jan 19, 2010
Reply by MisterShadow

Santa Claus

Ok, so a bit of a discourse has started on the most recent vlogbrothers video "Fatherhood" on the subject of Santa Claus, the tradition of…

Started by Marmaduke The Belittler

0 Jan 19, 2010

Should vegetarians ever wear fur?

Nothing keeps out the cold like a pelt. But the 'faux' arguments justifying its use will send a chill down your back… o Lucy Siegle o Th…

Started by sabelmouse

1 Jan 18, 2010
Reply by Startled Panda

Is it just me...

... Or are Americans way more patriotic than English people? Like, don't they say the Pledge of Alleigance every day ? If you asked any Eng…

Started by Iris

21 Jan 15, 2010
Reply by Katie

When does religion becomes dangerous?

I have been reading plenty of blogs on the current case ongoing in the U.S. about Daniel Hauser. This is the 13 year old kid who was diagn…

Started by Richard (T.A.F.K.A.T)

98 Jan 15, 2010
Reply by BSmith

Morality... what do you think?

Basically this is inspired by my philosophy class. My prof asked the class to raise their hands indicating whether they believed in moral r…

Started by Tristin

44 Jan 15, 2010
Reply by Kenny

Raising the Dead...

Is apparently no longer a skill reserved for Voodoo priests. What are your thoughts on this lunatic who is obviously lying for Jesus.

Started by Lombardian

1 Jan 14, 2010
Reply by MisterShadow


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