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Growing popularity of a CANDY TAX. FTW.

As some of you might have heard, the removal of the tax exemption for candy and soda is a growing campaign. Already Illinois, Massachusetts…

Started by theepilougewascrap

45 Jan 28, 2010
Reply by Sara NoH

If The Beatles were never discovered?

Hello every, I would like to start a dialog, I'm writing a book on this subject, it's a complicated subject. I want to collect other opini…

Started by Austin

11 Jan 26, 2010
Reply by Lauren

Earthquake in Haiti, and Only in Haiti

The Dominican Republic is right next to Haiti. Were they somehow not hit as hard, or what? Me is confused.

Started by Ultimate Schnitzel

13 Jan 24, 2010
Reply by Rose

Pat Robertson is the (proverbial) DEVIL!

I being an omnipotent third party do not actually believe Pat Robertson to be evil, as there is no single definition for evil, but I am cur…

Started by The Observer

10 Jan 23, 2010
Reply by Albi (Hayden)

Telepathy: Science fiction is now SCIENCE FACT!!

Telepathy might soon become a reality. Let’s discuss ethics as well as possible applications. Will it be possible to send emotions and abs…

Started by Wire-teeth

11 Jan 23, 2010
Reply by Braeden the conquerer

Kid Shoots Man in Neck

Started by Charles

0 Jan 22, 2010

The social life of a nerd... what do you think?

Hey everyone! I'm in my first year of university, studying English and creative writing. I'm enjoying the academics a lot, but other than…

Started by Amelia...

6 Jan 21, 2010
Reply by Leanne

Jersey Motherf***ing Shore

I have decided that 'Orange Italian' and 'Dumb Whore' are my most loathed species of douchebag.

Started by Ultimate Schnitzel

3 Jan 21, 2010
Reply by Ultimate Schnitzel

World’s Strangest Buildings

Started by Charles

2 Jan 20, 2010
Reply by Kenny

Citizen Scientist: GalaxyZoo

So, I recently came across an awesome website called where ordinary people (like most of us) with little to no formal scienti…

Started by BowlOfPetunias

3 Jan 20, 2010
Reply by thad


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