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Living with the Hate (LIFE STORY WARNING)

DISCLAIMER: Sorry if I seem all over the place, and for the length. D: I'm just a confused little girl looking for some encouragement to ge…

Started by Cara

66 Jan 8, 2010
Reply by Cara


We all know that abortion is a huge debate topic. There is Pro-Life and Pro-Choice. But what if I want to be Pro-Situation? I mean, that ma…

Started by Alivia

106 Jan 7, 2010
Reply by Bryan Rosander, FL

The Krampus will beat your children

This is awesome we should have this in the west. Here's the Wikipedia page about him. And here's som…

Started by Charles

5 Jan 6, 2010
Reply by Melissa

My thoughts on foruming and digital interaction.

An unknown truth is that forums essentially created the Internet. At first, before the WWW was established, there were scattered servers, w…

Started by Jacob Armstrong

0 Jan 6, 2010

Who's your favorite Cylon?

like the title says, who's your favorite? or who is far from being your favorite? why do you like/dislike them, are they a huge frakin jerk…

Started by Nina Sephi Padawan

10 Jan 5, 2010
Reply by Dylan Patterson

So what makes the perfect person?

Title says it all. Let me know. (Twilight Vampirism is not an answer.)

Started by Ellie Jay

39 Jan 5, 2010
Reply by Dylan Patterson

Land grabs: where is the grow-your-own movement headed?

Allotments and gardens Allotments and gardens in Bristol. Photograph: David Levene Haven't I heard this somewhere before? That's the thou…

Started by sabelmouse

5 Jan 5, 2010
Reply by sabelmouse

Mother’s Disability Featured in Custody Dispute

Kaney O’Neill is a 31-year-old mother with a 5-month-old son. Her ex-boyfriend, and her son’s father, is now waging an ugly custody battle…

Started by sabelmouse

15 Jan 5, 2010
Reply by Kenny

Pitbulls and other breeds: should they be banned?

Hello! Today I was watching a Pitbull rescue show on animal planet, and have been wondering for a while. Lately there has been consideratio…

Started by Megan

19 Jan 4, 2010
Reply by Lynn Jenkins

Sarah Palin Resigns.

Palin Resigns Thoughts: Is this a good thing? Or a great thing? Do you reckon she will be back? Should we go to Team Sarah and gloat? (n…

Started by Richard (T.A.F.K.A.T)

53 Jan 3, 2010
Reply by Neal Miller


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