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Salmond in the Leaders Debate.

This discusion is mainly aimed at UK nerdfighters. Scotish National Party leader, Alex Salmond is sooting his mouth off again about not bei…

Started by Elliot

0 Dec 27, 2009

Why are politics and elections so uncool?

Earlier today I was watching the news (which at that moment was a summery of a political debate) in my sisters living room who i happen to…

Started by Izzy

5 Dec 27, 2009
Reply by Elena Bonasera


It's Christmas time, and I have a question. What are your beliefs? How do oyu practice them? and Why do you choose to do this? This forum i…

Started by Asha Grace Collins

6 Dec 25, 2009
Reply by Pablo_the_Penguin

Yes on 8

let the discussion begin.......... it has been pointed out that some people don't know what I mean basically, proposition 8 (if it passe…

Started by wise old man

683 Dec 23, 2009
Reply by QuantumTuba


Okay so I know this isn't quite a Nerdfighter topic but both shows are about science and such plus i think it's quite interesting the way m…

Started by Zachary

0 Dec 22, 2009


well, its simple, how do nf's feel about it? the legalization, decriminalization or health benefits of it. whats your view?

Started by random?

57 Dec 20, 2009
Reply by Michelle Bruder


right now im doped up on loritab (because of surgery) and i was wondering what ya'll think about drug use. im talking anything from your ba…

Started by Mack Horn

4 Dec 19, 2009
Reply by Mack Horn

New Media

New media, the term gets thrown around frequently in this new century but what does it really mean? Well, it generally refers to media in w…

Started by Dylan R N Crabb

0 Dec 17, 2009

Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this?

My sister's grade is putting on a Christmas performance. Today I saw here with a permission slip that had an option that would allow you to…

Started by Alex

39 Dec 15, 2009
Reply by Sword_of_Light

Poaching People

No this is not a metaphor, sadly it is just another spin on that all to common problem called murder. In Tanzania African Albinos, people w…

Started by Magoonski

5 Dec 15, 2009
Reply by Magoonski


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