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Something HANK would LOVE! This is a campaign about the fight for local energy going in Boulder…

Started by Elizabeth "Liz" JenningsLatest Reply

Charity Tournament about Tetris in Germany

Hello fellow nerds, I hope there are some guys with a fetish for Tetris, and maybe also from Germany? I'm planning on a Tetris charity Tour…

Started by Kevin WoostLatest Reply

TheSpeedGamers: Decreasing World Suck with Video Games

Essentially, TheSpeedGamers (or TSG for short) are a bunch of awesome guys and girls that have video game marathons in order to raise money…

Started by UntuxableLatest Reply

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Hey guys, I know I'm posting this in a lot of places but it's rather important, so please just give it a read. :)

HEY NERDFIGHTERIA. I HAVE A SPECIAL REQUEST OF YOU ALL. In my quest to seek a great perhaps and decrease world suck, I have found myself ta…

Started by Pindar Jay, Lord of the Nings

1 Oct 16
Reply by Best [Forum ಠಿ_ಠ Mod]

Hand up for a Nerdfighter?

I hope its ok to post this... I recently moved in hopes of finding a new job and new place to live. I am currently living with a friend. Wh…

Started by Anne Pearn

0 Oct 13

Boy Scout Patches?

This is undoubtedly weird, but Nerdfighters tend to embrace weird.  Those who follow the worldsuck forum may know that I have a good friend…

Started by Brendan

7 Oct 13
Reply by Brendan

What's the Biggest Problem in the World Today?

Hello there Nerdfighters! My name is Jasmine, and i'm an American high school student. I've been watching vlogbrothers for about 4 months,…

Started by Jasmine Broton

0 Oct 12

#catsforK8 Charity fundraiser

One of the biggest things that makes me proud to be a nerdfighter is the commitment we share to making the world a better place.  To help w…

Started by Kate Tilton

0 Oct 1

Sustainable Fashion - supporting cotton farmers?

Could DFTBA Records help support cotton farmers? Hi guys, So for uni I'm am doing a project based on sustainable fashion and it got me th…

Started by Jasmine Laini

0 Sep 30


With all the issues surrounding the world being posted in various social media accounts, opinions and thoughts of different people are easi…

Started by Anna

0 Sep 28

Do something creative to help Syria's children

Hi Nerdfighters, I know that thousands and thousands of you are very creative people. I set up this website, Create for Syria, so that peop…

Started by Ruth Amy Crowder

3 Sep 28
Reply by Ruth Amy Crowder

America, lets make this happen!

An open letter to America... I am not an American, but this issue is important to me nonetheless.  Your politicians are bought off by cor…

Started by DriestAlmond

0 Sep 27

This Sucks

Our world sucks, anyone disagree? Pls Discuss

Started by Zachary Packard

1 Sep 26
Reply by Zachary Packard


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