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Favorite instrument and why!

These are always fun. Whats your favorite instrument, and give a good reason. Ill start with Bass guitar. I've played bass and guitar, an…

Started by Dan [Kunk Rock]Latest Reply

Prove You're A Nerd.

Show me your nerd cred. and prove you're and nerd.  I'll go first: Memorized the first 50 digits of Pi for fun. On my school's academic te…

Started by Miles FertelLatest Reply

Can you name the movies by just these quotes?

 1) "Buddy the Elf. What's your favorite color?" 2) "Hate hate hate. Hate hate hate. Double Hate. Loath Entirely." 3) "Were you one of thos…

Started by Margo AKA MoonburstLatest Reply

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I'll say a word, the next person has to then say another word that is linked or associated to the previous one (hence the neame of the game…

Started by charlee_em

14280 May 7
Reply by kelly cronin

Super Bowl XLIX Commercials!

Favorites? Least favorites? Please put all comments here! My personal favorite was the Dodge commercial (especially with that amazing Chall…

Started by Daniel Fletcher

1 May 5
Reply by Raven

multilingual homonymity

It's very easy, but fun! You name two words of two different languages, that have the same pronunciation, but a different meaning. Then tr…

Started by Coos Baakman

5 May 5
Reply by Raven

What is your absolute favorite quote?

It doesn't have to be John or Hank. (:

Started by AnsleyNicole99

10 May 5
Reply by Raven

What video games do you play?

E3 has gotten me in a very video gamey mood. I wonder what types of video games you fellow nerdfighters like.

Started by CeladonPie

12 May 5
Reply by Raven

Book Titles... In Your Pants.

Best Book Titles to add In My Pants at the end of?

Started by Dimitra

881 May 5
Reply by Raven

the next marvel movie

Last week i saw the new avengers movie. so i wonder what marvel character would you like the next movie to be about? i´d personally want t…

Started by Ursula Wright

0 May 4

First word that pops into your head...

Simple. Somebody says a word, and you say the first thing that comes to mind when you see that word! Honestly, the FIRST word that comes to…

Started by Allison Julie

10968 Apr 26
Reply by Danno

Just Hit Paste

So I want everyone to just hit paste and see what's been stored in their paste memory. mine is: "Snuffalufagus because he is both alive and…

Started by Sarah

5018 Apr 23
Reply by Madison Shidler

Making a moral version of Grand Theft Auto (Brainstorm thread)

Disclaimer: although I would like to someday make video games, and think it would be cool to make this particular video game, I do not curr…

Started by Jesse Howell

2 Apr 21
Reply by Quincy


Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

*Can you think of any more? Pass along any suggestions to an Admin who will then add it to this list should it fit!

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