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Nerdfighters Info Colab Project

Hey guys, Forums/Blogs Admin Thomas and myself have been toying with the idea of setting up some kind of colab project on the existing cha…

Started by Dave JohnsonLatest Reply

Reluctant Optimism

  As I do my homework for my Online Degree Program today, I am listening to Charlie McDonnell and break between assignments to watch Vlogbr…

Started by Lance EverettLatest Reply

VEDA (Vlog Everday In April) Thread

Hey there, so myself and my friend Sam are doing VEDA for the first time this year and I was wondering what I should expect and what I shou…

Started by Andrew JohnsonLatest Reply

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Merry Xmas Y'All!

Done a new musicy video to get into the festive mood: Yessssss :D

Started by David Pickstock

1 Dec 12
Reply by DigMeUp

I started a youtube channel in the spirit of Vlogbrothers Educational content!

Hi all, I'm a long time nerdfighter and long time lurker on the ning. Recently  I started to make videos like John and Hank: Bitcoin expla…

Started by Alec Bostwick

0 Oct 19

Why Is Today Awesome?

Today is awesome because I got the highest grade out of my class on an English assignment and raised my grade from a 'C' to an 'A'. w00t.…

Started by Zach

1182 Oct 19
Reply by Danno

Do you have a youtube Channel? If so what is it? and what do you do on it? (:

i will go first (: do random videos and hopfully soon a daily vlog. (:oh and maybe il upload some of…

Started by Joey Luke Shiakallis

149 Sep 22
Reply by Zachary Packard

Doing reasearch for episodes

Hey guys, So I'm about to embark on a youtube project that, at the moment, just seems like an insurmountable sheer faced mountain!  The rea…

Started by Samantha de Mattos

0 Aug 25

Comment on the video above you

Rules! (You're not the Joker, so please follow them) 1. In a "reply" to the O.P. comment on the video directly above your comment 2. Post a…

Started by Farron

2 Aug 19
Reply by Diana Chang

A T-Shirt Giveaway and My Attempt at Humor? Please watch? And subscribe, if you like it!It is called "All of the Things at Which I Fail" an…

Started by Sarah Hallam

0 Jul 20

Help a fellow nerdfighter grow a following for her singing!

Here's her channel: And here's a good song of hers:

Started by Anon Blogger

0 Jul 19

My YouTube Vlogs xD

Hey, Nerdfighteria! I'm working on a vlog though it's not great yet. (Saving up money for better equipment.) Anyway, I really want to make…

Started by Alexandria Reardon

0 Jul 2

Professional Englishist: A youtube channel about grammar, literature, and being a student and teacher of English.

So a friend of mine started a youtube channel like two months ago. We are both in graduate school and have either gotten a graduate degree…

Started by James McNierney

0 Jun 11


Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

*Can you think of any more? Pass along any suggestions to an Admin who will then add it to this list should it fit!

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