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Your Videos, Our Front Page...

Hey, Sorry it's me again, that annoying Admin guy who only appears when something involving Youtube comes up, or spam or something... Anyw…

Started by Dave JohnsonLatest Reply

Talk about your first job.

Hey Nerdfighteria. I was listening to an episode of Swindon Town, and John was recounting his experiences at Steak n Shake. That got me won…

Started by Ryan GattsLatest Reply

What have you learned that has changed your life for the better?

Hi everyone. Some friends and I are compiling a list of things we are going to learn, and thought that they may as well be useful/life cha…

Started by Joshua PerryLatest Reply

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Preserving Knowledge for Future Generations (Human Knowledge Capsule)

   What would happen if an apocalyptic disaster caused the world to go into mass chaos? Zombie infestation, mass plague wipes out 90% of th…

Started by Jordan Francisco

1 6 hours ago
Reply by Meg W

Why don't Americans like soccer as much as football?

This question always intrigued me. Why is it that football is so much more popular in the US than Soccer?

Started by Daniel Fletcher

0 on Friday

If you could ask John or Hank one thing what would it be?

I don't know what I would ask because I have so many questions and I would probably faint if I met them.

Started by Jennifer

2 Mar 15
Reply by Jennifer

Movie dilemma

My mom said I can't go see insurgent! I hope she's joking because I need to go and criticize like a true fangirl.

Started by Jennifer

2 Mar 15
Reply by Jennifer

what's on your Bucket List?

Simple questions: What are some things to do and places to go on your bucket list? Equally important, what are the things you've already sc…

Started by Farron

43 Mar 9
Reply by Eystein,

How many current?

I was feeling nostalgic recently, missing the sense of community I used to feel on the internet and in nerdfighters. So I decided to come b…

Started by William Newcome

0 Mar 9

Favorite fictional charecters!

My favorites are: Margo Roth Speigelman and the doctor Respond with up to three favorites

Started by Olive Margo Tennant

9 Feb 23
Reply by Lissa Fantastic

The Ballet Nerds

So I met a bunch of Nerdfighters who were also dancers so I thought I start a forum so that we can talk about dancing and nerd fighting and…

Started by Maddie Hossler

2 Feb 20
Reply by Noah Thomas

Bass guitar solo pieces?

I love playing the bass guitar, but haven't run across many solo bass guitar pieces. Any ideas?

Started by Daniel Fletcher

5 Feb 20
Reply by Noah Thomas


Can someone write the piano to "my real life is a lie"? I need it for a talent show. I can't figure it out. Here's the song: my real life i…

Started by Leah G.

1 Feb 20
Reply by Noah Thomas


Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

*Can you think of any more? Pass along any suggestions to an Admin who will then add it to this list should it fit!

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