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Talk about your first job.

Hey Nerdfighteria. I was listening to an episode of Swindon Town, and John was recounting his experiences at Steak n Shake. That got me won…

Started by Ryan GattsLatest Reply

What have you learned that has changed your life for the better?

Hi everyone. Some friends and I are compiling a list of things we are going to learn, and thought that they may as well be useful/life cha…

Started by Joshua PerryLatest Reply

The Nerdfighter Ning's Hallowen Costume Competition 2012!

Ladies and gentlemem, llamas and giraffes, nerdfighters.  Welcome to the (now) annual Halloween costume Competition 2012! Halloween's spiri…

Started by Ode [Forums Mod]Latest Reply

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Do you play a sport?

Who says "jocks" aren't smart? It proven that people who play sports actually do better in the classroom! Do you play a sport? If so which…

Started by Olivia s.

11 3 hours ago
Reply by Annika S

Nerdy Pet Names

ok so my family recently got some new pets (a new kitten and two turtles), and subsequently had to name them: the new kitten is called Saph…

Started by sagwakitty131

45 3 hours ago
Reply by Annika S

Quick Poll! Just curious!

Because I am very curious, I want to do a quick poll amongst the ning: does your school have some sort of fandom club? Anime/manga clubs do…

Started by Bonnie Christilaw

1 3 hours ago
Reply by Annika S

Where are all the nerds?

I am new here, my name is Deila. I found this site from a friend and decided to join, to ask a question. Where's all the cute "80's loving"…

Started by Deila

7 3 hours ago
Reply by Annika S



Started by Charlotte

2 7 hours ago
Reply by Charlotte

Spreading the Nerfighter Community

Ever since I joined the Nerdfighters, I have been constantly telling people to join so that I have more friends. Unfortunately, nobody will…

Started by Samantha Prosperi

1 yesterday
Reply by Daniel Fletcher

in a battle between the hulk and batman who would win????

I am asking this because I am torn between the Hulks pure strength And batmans intelligence/being batman. This is a serious topic!!!!!!

Started by alice Brown

1 yesterday
Reply by Daniel Fletcher

The Fault In Our Stars Discussion Discussion!

So I just finished the book The Fault In Our Stars and I cried like a baby. It was so good but it was so sad. There were a few things in th…

Started by Chelsea-Nicole Warren

1 yesterday
Reply by Daniel Fletcher

Why do some people spell color colour, and vice versa?

Hello Nerdfighters. I understand that the British and the Australians (name drop, here) spell it colour and the Americans spell it color.…

Started by Cavaclade of Fear

0 Apr 10

Nerdfighters, I need your help wishing someone a happy birthday!

Hello there, My name is Geron and I have a favor to ask you. I need your help in wishing a deserving stranger a happy birthday. Her name is…

Started by Geron Graham

1 Apr 9
Reply by Li


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