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Nerdfighter Newsletter/Newspaper

A few Nerdfighter Friends and I got to thinking, wouldn’t it be cool if we could have some kind of newspaper to share content, keep us upda…

Started by Alexandra HunterLatest Reply

Vampires! (Not the sparkly kind)

Was a while ago I wrote so I just guess I will put it up here :) Amelia   There are certain things that aren’t… socially acceptable in mod…

Started by Olof PetterssonLatest Reply

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Camp Nanowrimo

Hello, Is anyone participating in July camp nanowrimo?

Started by Zoe (mockingjay4life) O.

1 on Wednesday
Reply by Georgia B

Novel Collaboration

I was thinking: wouldn't it be cool if we collaborated on a novel. I'm sure it would come out awesome because so many awesome people would…

Started by Alexis Ellison

1 on Wednesday
Reply by Georgia B

How Do You Keep It Going?

Hello! I'm Hayley, and I have kept my eleven-year-old dream of being a novelist someday. Have you ever had an idea of the story and in your…

Started by Hayley

25 on Wednesday
Reply by Georgia B

Da Nerd Song

Hi guys, I am a songwriter H, This is a song I wrote and would like someone here to sing for me please listen and tell me if you like it, y…

Started by Irwin Abrigo

0 on Monday

I need help with book title

Hey guys I'm currently writing a book about this guy who meets this girl online and they fall in love. Both of them have depression and are…

Started by John McKinney

1 Jun 25
Reply by Rainah Leigh

And let’s say these teams bastard about

And let’s say these teams bastard about and alpha award these bodies who are at atomic allegedly are their enemiesThey alpha bumping them o…

Started by Fifacoinsdiy

0 Jun 17

Do you get tired of your world once you've built it?

I love the initial world-building that takes place when you're introducing readers to a new place and the people who live there.  It's fres…

Started by Katie Barkley

4 Jun 9
Reply by Katie Barkley

Editors Wanted

Hello Nerdfighteria, I am currently in the process of writing a novel and I'd like to keep it a secret from my family and friends until it…

Started by Rainah Leigh

4 Jun 8
Reply by Rainah Leigh

Self-publishing Online

So I apologize ahead of time if this topic has already been covered because I am admittedly lazy and have not looked through the entire for…

Started by Joseph Gazitano

8 Jun 8
Reply by Joseph Gazitano

The desideratum of veracious anapestic morphology

Prolixity aside, I'd like to ask a question considering the poetic arts: What is the effects of structuralization of rhyme scheme, syllabal…

Started by Noah Thomas

2 Mar 3
Reply by BP


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