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Humans need not apply - the future of automation and the economy

I watched this video this morning, and I have to admit, it is concerning. Let's have a discus…

Started by Vertigo_One [Ops Mod] in Debates, Intellectual Discourse, and Current EventsLatest Reply


May I suggest a Vlogbrothers video on what's going on in Ferguson? Or maybe even Nerdfighter videos? I feel like we might be able to do at…

Started by Arseen in Debates, Intellectual Discourse, and Current EventsLatest Reply

Your Videos, Our Front Page...

Hey, Sorry it's me again, that annoying Admin guy who only appears when something involving Youtube comes up, or spam or something... Anyw…

Started by Dave Johnson in UncategorizedLatest Reply

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fantastic books!

Just finished reading Catch 22 and began reading A Brave New World. LOVE THEM BOTH. What are your favorite books and what do you recommend?

Started by Sara Tribble in Uncategorized

2 15 hours ago
Reply by Quinn

What is a Nerd?

One of my friends calls himself a "half nerd" but personally, i think he's at least as nerdy as i am, and i like to think i'm a super nerd.…

Started by Zachary Packard in Debates, Intellectual Discourse, and Current Events

13 15 hours ago
Reply by Quinn

Gamergate Discussion (Games journalism and sexism in games)

So, I'm putting this here rather than in any gaming related sub because I want to have an intelligent debate about it. I'm also posting thi…

Started by Lizzie Finn in Debates, Intellectual Discourse, and Current Events

13 17 hours ago
Reply by Lizzie Finn

Different words for Smart

If you know any words/synonyms for smart, go right ahead! I'm bored aha

Started by Jessica in Entertainment and Fun

3 yesterday
Reply by Daniel Fletcher

God does not hate gays

I stand against all the hate and bigotry that ignorant Christians promote in the name of loving their God. That said, I am about at my wit'…

Started by inkonpaperhero in Debates, Intellectual Discourse, and Current Events

2617 yesterday
Reply by Vertigo_One [Ops Mod]

A Different Sort Of Question Game

Who wants to play? Here's what you do. One person asks a question, and the next person answers that question incorrectly, and then asks a n…

Started by Melodie in Entertainment and Fun

3190 yesterday
Reply by Kim Possible

What are you reading at the moment?

I was kinda curious as to what kinds of books (or whatever else, I suppose) you all have been reading. So.. What are you reading right now…

Started by untunedjoy in Books & The Blurbing Book Club

1469 on Wednesday
Reply by Big Joe

New to Introduce yourself here!

This is the official introduction post! If you're new feel free to introduce yourself here. Tell us a little about yourself like how you go…

Started by Eric aka moosemuffin in Nerdfighter Community

8583 on Wednesday
Reply by Danno

First word that pops into your head...

Simple. Somebody says a word, and you say the first thing that comes to mind when you see that word! Honestly, the FIRST word that comes to…

Started by Allison Julie in Entertainment and Fun

10894 on Tuesday
Reply by Katherine Torrez

Just Hit Paste

So I want everyone to just hit paste and see what's been stored in their paste memory. mine is: "Snuffalufagus because he is both alive and…

Started by Sarah in Entertainment and Fun

5015 on Tuesday
Reply by Kim Possible


Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

*Can you think of any more? Pass along any suggestions to an Admin who will then add it to this list should it fit!

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