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Yoda or Dumbledore?

4 parts Who do you think is a better hero? Who do you think would win in a fight? Which one would you want with you if you were stranded on…

Started by Matt Gryffindor in Archive

62 Jul 11, 2008
Reply by Phineas de Romanus

Ninjas vs. Pirates: Which side are you on?

Ninjas or Pirates? Although you might not feel strongly about it, I've come across a lot of people who would pull out their (literal and me…

Started by Madeline in Archive

14 Jul 10, 2008
Reply by Sam

We are not satisfied JKRowling!!!

So I know this is kind of old news but I just want to know if I'm not the only one. I was not happy whatsoever with how Harry Potter and th…

Started by ashlyntheonly in Archive

102 Jul 10, 2008
Reply by unityofeffect

What is an opinion anyway?

So my website is all bout financial education right? But part of being educated is being able to think critically. i was happy to see a lot…

Started by Bridging The Gaap in Archive

7 Jul 10, 2008
Reply by Bridging The Gaap

What theme did Hank use for the Nerdfighter's social network?

Which theme did Hank use for this social network when he was making it? Does anyone know? Please tell me if you do! Thanks.

Started by Prisca in Archive

1 Jul 10, 2008
Reply by Prisca

My new kitty needs a name

So, not a hugely important topic in the scheme of things, but our new kitten needs a name. He is a bicolor ragdoll which means he will look…

Started by Shannon in Archive

15 Jul 10, 2008
Reply by Caroline

Name something random that drives you crazy...

i`ll start. i got popcorn stuck inbetween my teeth tonight at the movies and it was SO annyoing. i was trying to pull it out with my tounge…

Started by Jessalyn in Archive

68 Jul 10, 2008
Reply by Rosina

Putting Stuff on Your Head comic!

Hey guys, I`ve been reading through the QC (Questionable Content) comic archives, and I found THIS:

Started by tallierand in Archive

17 Jul 10, 2008
Reply by Zoe

Mario Kart Wii and Brawl!

Ok, I had this idea while in one of the waiting rooms during John's live show when I remembered John had a Wii. What I would like to do is…

Started by Peter C in Archive

8 Jul 10, 2008
Reply by Peter C

Kids w/Power Tools: What was your weirdest job?

This summer i am working as a CIT at a performing arts camp in the set design and building department. I've done it before and basically it…

Started by Michael in Archive

0 Jul 10, 2008


Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

*Can you think of any more? Pass along any suggestions to an Admin who will then add it to this list should it fit!

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