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Is it Weird that I'm excited about getting a new bookcase?

Ok nerdfighters today I got a brand new bigger book case and I am seriously excited about it. My old case was way too small for all my book…

Started by Emily in Archive

32 Jul 9, 2008
Reply by Chip, A Former Ningmaster


I HAVE NEWS OF THE LIKENESS! I, Myself, Have fallen in nerdfighter like. Yes it is true. BUT the reason for the forum is simple. I WANT TO…

Started by Sasha Hopper in Archive

17 Jul 9, 2008
Reply by Priya

My super nerdfighter project

Hey guys its Bridget well I was thinking that maybe I could think of an awesome project so on 8/8/08 a lot of nerdfighters could write DFTB…

Started by Bridget in Archive

12 Jul 9, 2008
Reply by Bridget

Ice cream!

I am an ice cream fan year round, but now that it's summertime, my love for ice cream is at it's annual zenith. But I'm curious about what…

Started by Madeline in Archive

49 Jul 9, 2008
Reply by Lauren

Gone with the Wind [sighh]

I must now begin the arduous task of reading Gone with the Wind...has anyone else read it? Is it really going to take me the rest of summer…

Started by TYLER! in Archive

13 Jul 9, 2008
Reply by TYLER!

If you were famous, what would you request in your trailer/dressing room?

For me, it'd be bottled water (just so I can make sure it's clean), a laptop with internet access, godiva bars, fettucinni , tiramisu, all…

Started by Isabel the Conquistador in Archive

109 Jul 9, 2008
Reply by giagia122

Where's Teariha?

Fondly known as Tinkerbell? I went to go see if one of her topics had been replied to and it wasn't there. None of them are. And she seems…

Started by ryanWOO in Archive

34 Jul 9, 2008
Reply by unityofeffect


>.< srry if this post is off topic and random but i need help! I'm doing a drawing of DFTBA made up of different images (not sure if…

Started by Easily Crazy Hat in Archive

17 Jul 8, 2008
Reply by valerie2776


Ok, so I've noticed that whenever I say something like, 'Oh, I had a really weird dream last night/week/month...', people tend to cut in wi…

Started by Trinitrate in Archive

10 Jul 8, 2008
Reply by Jess

Offical title of the territory of our collective awesome!

While "Nerdfighteria" is indeed the current coloquial term, I feel it needs an offical ring to it. What I've got thus far is "The Ningdom…

Started by Vertigo_One [Ops Mod] in Archive

2 Jul 8, 2008
Reply by asano_man


Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

*Can you think of any more? Pass along any suggestions to an Admin who will then add it to this list should it fit!

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