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how would you rate my Vlogging skills?

i'm recently new to vlogging, but i was wondering how "good" i am at it, i posted the videos in my blog here, but a direct link to my chann…

Started by Cory "Hank" Hagen in Archive

3 Jul 21, 2008
Reply by Megan

Whos next???

Whos the next batman villian they have already done the best batman villian ever joker and two face was a pretty good one too I just dont t…

Started by Mitch in Archive

7 Jul 21, 2008
Reply by Jess

Favourite Film/TV Quote

I got the idea off a discussion from "What is your Lyric?". Except this is, what is your favourite quote from a movie/tv show. I hope there…

Started by Lia in Archive

7 Jul 21, 2008
Reply by Kaitlin

An Act-A-Day Keeps Suck Levels At Bay!

I have an idea for a really easy way to increase awesomeness and decrease suck. All we have to do is one random act of kindness a day...and…

Started by Natalie in Archive

2 Jul 21, 2008

A Nerdfighterly Petition

Hey peeps, so Philip Pullman and J K Rowling have signed this petition against age-branding books, and i happen to agree with the issue and…

Started by BeKbEk in Archive

0 Jul 21, 2008

The Lovely Bones

Has anyone read this book? I think it is absolutely fabulous. They're making it into a movie which will probably be rated XXXXR lol. I want…

Started by Summer in Archive

9 Jul 21, 2008
Reply by Michelle

What You Use With Ranch Dressing

Well I just wanted to know how many people use ranch on things because I'm not one who uses it for anything. I know this is kind of stupid,…

Started by Nagol in Archive

26 Jul 20, 2008
Reply by Nagol

If some lyrical Nerdfighters would like to help me..

I've recently started a wizard ska band called N.E.W.T. Standards, and we're having a small problem with coming up with song ideas. If anyo…

Started by Kayla in Archive

5 Jul 20, 2008
Reply by Kayla

Nerd friends with non-awesome boy/girlfriends

I've noticed lately that all my friends that I consider Nerdfighters (even if they don't know about B2.0) are in non-Nerdfighters relations…

Started by Stéphanie in Archive

1 Jul 20, 2008
Reply by Kate

How long did it take me

As John I am no mathematician but i just fineshed watching all the videos and i wonder how long it took me. Well i know how long it took me…

Started by Bo Skjoldager Andersen in Archive

0 Jul 20, 2008


Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

*Can you think of any more? Pass along any suggestions to an Admin who will then add it to this list should it fit!

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