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How to Not Procrastinate

I am seriously at a loss here... whenever I go online I spend hours doing worthless crud, staying up until 3 in the morning. It is and alre…

Started by Kate in Archive

9 Jul 16, 2008
Reply by Chip, A Former Ningmaster

Nerfighter Storytelling

Ok, here's how this works: I will start a sentence. The next person will finish my sentence, and start another. The next person will finish…

Started by Chris McClure in Archive

12 Jul 16, 2008
Reply by shoolace

Why are people in such a rush to get married?

Alright, so I'm in college now and I knew that relationships were going to start getting more serious, but lately it seems like I'll never…

Started by Sheppardde in Archive

21 Jul 16, 2008
Reply by Shannon

This is more of a twilight fan thing...(or dedication to Edwards everywhere)

Ok I know everyone is tired of us silly twilight fan girls but I simply can't help myself! I came across something made of awesome this aft…

Started by Luna in Archive

12 Jul 16, 2008
Reply by Bengi


So I had an audition today. Since I was the first one there, I was the first one to go up in front of everyone and do my monolouge. Because…

Started by Daphne (Fred) in Archive

3 Jul 16, 2008
Reply by Broken Girl Soldier

Patronus Question.

No, this isn't a "What would your Patronus be?" forum. I was re-reading Prisoner of Azkaban today and I started thinking "What would my hap…

Started by Nicole in Archive

18 Jul 16, 2008
Reply by Melodie

TV Theme Songs

what are your favorite TV theme songs/opening credit sequences? my sister and i always sing the full house theme when were playing yahtzee…

Started by theUKEbandit in Archive

25 Jul 16, 2008
Reply by Zumie


What is the purpose of posting videos and images here? So that NF's can get a look at them, then why do we only get <10 views? We might…

Started by David L. in Archive

0 Jul 16, 2008

youtube problem

when ever i try to watch a video it tells me i either have javascript off(which is on)and to get abdobe flash player nine but the bloody th…

Started by Ryan in Archive

0 Jul 16, 2008

Help a Nerdfighter Win a Youtube Scholarship

Hey, kids. All the info is in my blog post: Best wishes!

Started by Jonathan in Archive

5 Jul 16, 2008
Reply by Jonathan


Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

*Can you think of any more? Pass along any suggestions to an Admin who will then add it to this list should it fit!

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