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Because it never gets your pants.

I want the best book and movie titles that you have applied the in your pants rule to. Song titles as well if you want to go there. Some I…

Started by Elayna

290 Nov 12, 2013
Reply by Andrew Weiss

The Best "In Your Pants" Jokes

Hi, I tried to find a discussion on the best "In Your Pants" jokes, but I couldn't find one. So I thought it would be jokes if everyone res…

Started by TheComicScholar

106 Oct 22, 2013
Reply by Ethan Craft


Howdy fellow nerdfighter's :) ok so this is a game that I found and I just thought it would be really fun to play it in the home of the ne…

Started by lexi

142 Nov 22, 2012
Reply by Court

Does anyone have good in my pants jokes with book titles??

Harry potte in my pants I wish to inform you that you will die with your familes in my pants Looking for alaska in my pants Chronicles of n…

Started by Andrew

191 Feb 22, 2012
Reply by Luke Richard Esola

The best ever "In My Pants" jokes.

So, book titles, song titles, movie titles, anything that is TOTALLY HILARIOUS when "In my pants" is added to the end of them. My personal…

Started by The Izzie

69 Jan 10, 2012
Reply by Brian Weakly

Lost it... In my pants

I thought this might be fun, write a book my pants/your pants that starts with the last letter of the book title before you.....…

Started by Mish

77 Oct 4, 2011
Reply by Jennifer Somers Walker

Hey I've been making video blogs about books I'm reading? What do you guys think?

Started by Kevin Wang

2 Aug 7, 2011
Reply by Matija Jinks

Best "in my pants" book title? :p

Some good ones I found so far are;Hunger my my pants.Little my pants.The Secret my pa…

Started by Annie Coolwhip

22 Jun 8, 2011
Reply by Olivia Radford

Feelings on New Your Pants forum?

While I like the layout and of course all the jokes that go along with the new Your Pants forum, I feel like it is pretty much the same thi…

Started by Kali Waddilove

1 Feb 12, 2011
Reply by Contradiction

the least nerdy thing

so yea. What is the least nerdy about you? If you have to choose a thing about you that you think isn't very nerdy what would it be (:? p.…

Started by Simon

340 Feb 3, 2011
Reply by ProudR/HrShipper


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