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LGBT community could use help.

I'm both a Nerdfighter and a member of the LGBT community. All of the things going on in America (not to mention the rest of the world) are…

Started by Cassie Eldridge

0 Feb 21, 2014

Which Fictional Character Would YOU Most like to date?

This is assuming they'd say yes. And Edward Cullen is not a valid answer. ;P Me? Oh.. well.... It's a tough choice, but my heart belongs…

Started by Rebecca

634 Jul 2, 2013
Reply by Caleb Paul

Periodic Videos calls for help, LETS DO THIS!!!

SIMPLE! Brady from the famous you-tube channels numberphile,deep sky videos, periodic table of videos and many more went to Nepal and found…

Started by Mario Schietroma

0 May 11, 2013

Nerdfighteria is feasible and already under construction!!!!!

wee have all dreamed about building an island, or taking one over and starting from scratch, or even buying one to to actually create Nerdf…

Started by Mario Schietroma

0 Apr 15, 2013


i am on a quest, right now, to meet atlanta area nerdfighters. w00t.

Started by ULAKULPA!

39 Jun 19, 2012
Reply by Emma Rary

The Evil Baby Orphanage- A novel

I was watching random Vlogbrothers videos today, and I came across Setting the Question Tuesday Record. Someone asked the question "if nerd…

Started by Lily Muus

1 Sep 2, 2011
Reply by Cora.K

Why Can't We See the Forest for the Trees?

In John Green's Looking for Alaska there is a part where Miles stares out the window and sees the trees and finds it impossible to separate…

Started by Ben Slightom

10 Jun 21, 2011
Reply by Eystein,

Not Another Collab Channel!

Oh Haii Nerdfighters!     I’m entirely aware that this is a far from original concept. But, (hold your breath) a group of kickass persons…

Started by Katherine Speller

6 Sep 22, 2010
Reply by Marianne

1001 ways you know you are truly a nerdfighter.

1)If you ever get into a fight with a fellow man and you start calling them things like a caluminous common-kissing blind-worm. 2)If you ha…

Started by dead_not_sleeping

379 Sep 5, 2010
Reply by Captain Jacqui Sparrow

Dan 3.0 - Vlogbrother related challenge

I have an idea...Dan3.0 is coming up and a nerdfighter related challenge will be very necessarySo, my idea, for a monthly goal is to get Da…

Started by Joel Feller

0 Jul 20, 2010


Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

*Can you think of any more? Pass along any suggestions to an Admin who will then add it to this list should it fit!

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