what did everyone think of 13 little blue envelopes?

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I still haven't gotten around to reading it! My list of books to read is growing like crazy, and I buy all the books I want to read before I can get around to them. College is tough. I'm almost done Looking For Alaska and Eclipse. THEN I'll read that and An Abundance of Katherines. I feel like it's a sin not having both of John's books read.
Me too!! I finished it today.. got hooked form the first chapter, and that hardly ever happens to me. I just ordered Katherine's since Alaska was amazing, I guess that one will be too.

Read Looking for Alaska ppl!
i read too. it was really good... i kinda wished it was a little longer because i wanted to keep reading...
It was super cute, haha. Nice, fun easy read, which is what I like in my books. Managed to read it in one go, which is another thing I like in my books. Having problems coming up with a good blurb, though. 10 words is kind of frustrating.
I feel the same, Jessica. That's why i didn't make the Sunday deadline :(
I'm determined to figure one out eventually, though!
I have faith. Maybe with Slaughterhouse 5 it'll come a little easier? Hopefully?!
I am afraid Slaugherhouse 5 is going to be a bit more challenging. Less of a merry jaunt across Europe and more of a prisoner of war's experience in the very worst situations humans can ever inflict on each other. Complete with stretches of pure insanity. Not that I want to discourage anyone. The Big V is brilliant. Read all of his books when you get the chance. But I'm not sure how to even begin summarizing.
I agree VT, nothing easy about reading Vonnegut, he defies description, but he mesmerizes me like no other author. I tried to reread Breakfast of Champions this summer, but it kept making me cry :( So far, my reread of SH5 is going much better. I'm happy to revisit his words and astonishment, despite the subject matter....this pillar of salt misses KV very much.
sorry no... best and wierdest book i have ever read!!! well it is really made of awesome, but very had to keep up with the maincharater Billy Pilgrim as we see his whole life in just a glipse....wierd... good... aaarg... druel... books...(okay i am trying to be wierd with the book, so it doesn't feel left out:)
yea same. i like easy reads but not all the time. slaughterhouse 5 doesn't sound like the "cute" that 13 little blue envelopes was, but we'll see. blurb took me a bit as well, but you should come up with one soon.
I came up with a blurb but couldn't figure out how to send it to Hank...I asked on his profile but no one answered...

And...Hi Kalena! :D
Just blog it on your page, the Greens promise to find it....


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