Slaughterhouse 5: BLURBS ONLY! If it's not a blurb...don't post it.

Below you will find the Slaughterhouse five blurbs. All blurbs must be 10 words or less, and only one blurb is allowed per user.

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By the time you begin, it's already done. So it goes.
An unstuck romp through time, war and death - exquisite.
Everyone who has ever known a war veteran: READ THIS!
So it goes. When are you? And so on.
Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.
Being unstuck in time eliminates surprise but not anxiety.
“… Perplexed tale of war, love, war, aging, war, and aliens.”
The Perplexing, controversial, interesting, world, of Billy Pilgrim encapsulates interest.
There is no why, just poignant moments trapped in amber.
Brilliant, Fantasic, Amazing, Scary!
Satirical tale of "mustard gas and roses". Oh, and Tralfamadorians!


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