Last year, there was a 50 book challenge on this very ning, but sadly, I discovered it too late to really participate. The Good News was that I'd already read 160 books, so I'd completed the challenge. And as I read through the comments, I noted that there were several people who thought 50 books in one year was too easy. So this year, I present a challenge: Read at least 100 books by the end of 2010.

There are no real rules for the challenge, but I always have some rules for myself, so if you're looking for some structure, here they are:
No re-reads. I don't list the same book twice. If I've read it before, in a previous year, then that's ok. But I don't like seeing the same book more than once on one list.
No cheating.If I read a book halfway, or skip through spots, then it's not allowed to count. Because I haven't read an entire book.
No picture books. I never list picture books, even though I read several of them, usually to my sisters. I don't list them because they hardly contain more text than one of those phone company mailers that at&t sends out every other day.

Simple, really. And if you're thinking that 100 may be too difficult, then think of it this way:
That's three days per book, with 65 free days, for things like work and vacations (although if you're anything like me, you look at a vacation as an opportunity to read more then usual.), and sick days, and anything else that you can think of.
And even if you only have one hour to read every day, if you average, say, 90 pages an hour, then you can read roughly a 270 page book in three days. Which, admittedly, isn't huge, but that's still a fairly susbtantial book.

So go, get started! Post here everytime you've read a new book. Keep a list, and when you reach a milestone (25..50..100...1..) let us know! Tell us if you've read a great book that everyone should know about, or if you've read a terrible book everyone should avoid eye-contact with.

Good Luck, and happy reading!
(at first I accidentally typed 'lick' instead of 'luck'. I was amused.)



-BOOKS MAY BE WRITTEN IN ANY LANGUAGE. A book is a book, no matter what country it comes from.

-PLAYS ARE ACCEPTABLE. Any play goes. Although obviously you can't just go see it. That's like watching the HP movies and then calling yourself a Potterhead.

-GRAPHIC NOVELS COUNT. They're not picture books, because they have more than 5 words a page.
Some people are counting them as half of a book, so that works too :D


Hey you! (Yes. YOU.)

~> If you have a question, feel free to PM or comment me, and I'll put the answer up there ^^


100 Book Challenge 2010 is now over.

you can find this year's challenge here: 100 Book Challenge 2011

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Yay! I will follow the cheating and picture-book rules, but I do count re-reads. So, to start!

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling (re-read)
buaha I love that book :D

Before I Die
ugh, this made me cry SO many times. It was worth it, however. One of the best books (in that particular genre) I've ever read.
Awww.. that was such a tear jerker. I actually read it when I was pregnant and thus overly emotional. It was a sobfest.
Just read that a few weeks ago. I was really surprised at how good it really was.
this book was so sad. the part where she was trying to swim.... :'[ I bawled.
I love Before I Die. So sad, I totally cried.
Oh, I LOVE those books XD I'm not really a fan of GG, but for some reason the Luxe series just works for me
You say no picture books, but what about comics?
Last year, I read two graphic novels and I counted them each as one half of a book. You can do whatever you like, though.
Like I said, these are only my own personal rules, and I don't read comics, but I know that they're a bit more substantial than picture books, so I think they'd count. I like Zara's suggestion.
sounds great :D I love reading, and average about a book a day, so 100 in a year shouldn't be too stressful... I probably read more than that anyway

My book would be The Last Elf by *runs upstairs to find book* Silvina De Mari. It is soooo sweet, and was unexpected as it was reccomended by a random person in the bookshop who saw me looking at something else...

and I Loved 'Before I Die' muchly. I was crying for the whole of the last 20 pages and then for about half an hour after I fnished... *sniff*


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