No matter what age, situation or anything else you are in.  Below, let's start a list about reasons not to commit suicide.  Life has its ups and down. List ANY reason, even if it's just little things, like watching the sunset or hanging out with friends.   But please keep the list numbered for organisation. 

I, like many nerdfighters, have struggled with depression.  Though I never once comptemplated suicide, depression is most likely a pre-step along with other mental illnesses.

 And the "zest" in life seems to have disappeared. One thing I did come across is a professor named Randy Pausch, who is famous for a book named "The Last Lecture".   He is definitely inspiring.  If you had limited time to live, what would you do with your life?  It's sad to know that there are people who are fighting for their lives and buying time as much as possible whilst there are people who are looking to end their life.   I have once been told that the contemplation of suicide occurs when a person FEELS like they no longer have the resources to cope with their situation.   

I think this list will serve many purposes.   If possible, I hope this list gets famous some day.  So, if there is some way someone can make it famous online, by all means, do so.  This is a collaborative list.  Teamwork!  Feel free to add positive stories or how you overcame your struggles after you write down a couple of reasons.  Add anything inspiring to the list or in the story as well. Keep it at a reasonable length.  FEEL FREE TO ADD ANY ADVICE about LIFE IN GENERAL OR SPECFIC THINGS AS WELL.  

I hope this list will save a person's life someday.  But the main objective is prove life's beauty and how precious it is.  Whether or not someone decides on commiting suicide, it is most likely up to them. 

 Goal:  150 reasons (more would be great though. 

1.  Ice cream tastes great.
2.  Music is a beautiful creation and meant to calm and sooth the mind.  
3.  If you look for the negative things, you will find it.  If you look for the positive things, you will find it. 
4.  Nerdfighteria and its existing members are definitely composed of some awesome particles.
5.  A lot of people want the same things - love, enough money to live off of and retire, friends, validation, respect, acceptance and happiness. 

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"It's sad to know that there are people who are fighting for their lives and buying time as much as possible whilst there are people who are looking to end their life." - This struck such a chord with me. My mum died of cancer about 3 and a half years ago when I was 19, and I guess obviously I got pretty depressed after that. But you know, I never once thought of killing myself because I thought of how many pills my mum had to take, how much awful chemo and radiotherapy she had to go through just to give herself an extra 9 months alive. I guess it was probably the fact that I was next to her when she died that really stayed with me. One moment she was alive, the next she wasn't... yet it was still *her*, all the molecules that made her up were still there but they had lost whatever it is that makes them live. More than anything, it showed me what a beautiful gift life is, that it's fleeting, and I was so lucky to still have whatever it is that makes me live, and to be around to just appreciate being alive and the wonderful things that we share the world with. It also showed me the pain that the death of a loved one leaves behind, and I don't think I could ever willingly inflict that on someone. So I think this is a great idea, and I'd like to add the following:

6. Rainstorms can be gloomy, but are eerily beautiful too. And, always remember, the rain eventually passes.
7. You are an amazing thing. We don't even really understand what that essence of life is, we can gather all the things that make up a human and never have a living organism, yet here you are. And you can make more living things. Never forget how absolutely incredible that is.
8. Waking up to birdsong is one sure fire way to start the day with a smile in your heart.
9. Our world is beautiful, we share it with some equally beautiful and sometimes unbelievable living things. It would be a waste not to appreciate them.
10. One of the most enjoyable times I had involved nothing more than a beach, a good group of friends and an old tennis ball we found behind a rock. Happiness doesn't need much, you don't need to look too hard to find it.
11. Youtube the "Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. (Yes, I just used youtube as a verb). It is inspiring.
13. There will always be people to correct your grammar; Such as "If you look for positive things, you will find them." apposed to "... find it."
Touche, Henry. XD It's true, when I don't try, my grammar sucks. But I think you meant "as opposed to"...rather than "appose"?
'Appose' is still correct, only it compares the two sentences instead of contrasting them.
You still need the word "as" in front of it.
14. You never know the impact you have on a persons life. You could possibly be someone's reason for staying alive, why would you take that from them?
15. There are a lot more people in the world to meet.
16. There are things to experience and do, beautiful life changing experiences to have. Find them.
17. Cuddling with someone while watching a movie
18. Not actually paying attention to the movie, instead just feeling the warmth and comfort from the other person.

It's funny, because when I read this, I was going to correct you as Henry did. I love being a nerd :) Oh!

19. Being nerdy and finding those who love you for it.

17 and 18 are for people who actually arent disgusting. People who are suicidal like myself are generally alone forever cuz everyone of the opposite sex thinks theyre f**king ugly as shit and disgusting so those arent f**king reasons not to kill yourself asshole those are reasons TO kill yourself

agreed totally!

disagree. there are too many people that completely overlook a person's physical appearance and fall in love with someone's personality, attitude, sense of humor, etc. Unless you just like never shower ever and like grease your body up with mayonnaise and mustard, i would not cuddle with you then.

15. Cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. They don't have cookies in the afterlife.
no, but they do on the dark side


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