I recently checked out a book called "Six Word Memoirs", which is a collection of just that, life stories summed up in six words.

An example (also the subtitle of the book) is "Not quite what I was expecting."
other examples: "I like girls. Girls like boys".
and my favorite so far: "Googling my name gets zero hits."

What's your six word memoir? Take your time and make it good :-D

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Alot can happen, don't miss out.
...pssst.... a lot is two words.
I like the way that was 6 words.
And thank you, I am now aware of the error of my ways, and had forgotten I'd posted on this and cringed at my own improper grammar, hence my resubmission of a six-word memoir which is on like...the lastish page.
a lot is two words, not one
I am young, you are old. XD.
I am nerd; I pwn n00bcakes.
Glad I did not have polio.
I lost the game. You will.
I lost the game too. Darn.
my favorite
How will I escape this labyrinth?


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