I recently checked out a book called "Six Word Memoirs", which is a collection of just that, life stories summed up in six words.

An example (also the subtitle of the book) is "Not quite what I was expecting."
other examples: "I like girls. Girls like boys".
and my favorite so far: "Googling my name gets zero hits."

What's your six word memoir? Take your time and make it good :-D

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I think silliness is vastly underrated.
You just won the internet for that line.
Why? I want to know it.
You can't stop the fucking beat.

Or, "So glad that we eradicated polio..."
(This won't be true for ten years...)
Stick around long enough, this happens
My life would perpetually confuse you.

PS "I'm currently trying to escape labyrinths" is a good one too :P
Young enough to know to remember
Oh, what a waste I was.
Please get grammar right, k thx.
Six six word memiors:

Believe science. It's there to help.
Life sucks. Help make it better.
I tried, maybe I did it.
I wish I had ambition younger.
Do something creative, it's worth something.
It is in fact, over 9000.
Improvisation is better than real life


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