Here's the deal:
I have no friends who are NerdFighters in real life. I AM in the process of converting them from lame into made of awesome. But it is a lengthy process, considering how many videos they need to watch to really understand the many jokes and things from Hank and John and what-not.... Rambling for the win!
I would love it if we could set up a real hardcore pen pal thingy. [wow. that sentence was NOT made of awesome]
But, yeah. Then us NerdFighters can really discuss. Our lives. Current NerdFighter news. How to truly be MADE OF AWESOME.... etc. etc. etc.
So, yeah. I was stuck in the waiting room while watching Mr. John Green feed Willy and talk about, well, everything on BlogTV... And we discussed about how few people really have NERDFIGHTER MADE OF AWESOME friends they can talk to all the time...

There's my proposition.
I assume communication via E-Mail, what with lame postage, and people not feeling very safe giving out addresses.
So there.

Let the discussion and ideas flow henceforth!

hmm. As you may have noticed.... There are a LOT of NerdFighters. Aaand, well, I can think of ideas, but wow. I'm not one for truly implementing and details and all that mumbo-jumbo....
So I guess this discussion board has just kind of become a place to answer those questions for everyone to look at and if you see someone and think 'Woooaaaahhh, I totally understand what they mean. We should converse!' ...Well, from there you... Converse! It's fun. I promise. We don't bite.... Well, I guess I shouldn't speak for everyone... But it's okay, you can't get rabies via the internet. :P
So this is just a place to be like 'HEYYYYYY. This is meeee and if you find me remotely interesting we should find a convenient way for us to communicate and be friends'

aand next thing you know you'll have NerdFighter friends in Canada and the US and Sweden and the UK and... other places!

1. hobbies?
2. sport(s) you play...?
3. what other vlogs do you watch?
4. are you big into politics?
5. are you looking more for a pal to chat with, or some big discussions?
6. your age [so you can find someone you might have more things in common with ei. school, jobs etc.]
7. what is your favorite book?
8. what is your favorite Brotherhood 2.0 video?

you can think of more, you can not answer these, you can simply peruse through other peoples' answers, go crazy!

Let's see how this works!!!

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yeah this would be really awesome. how would you do it though?
1. Video games (I'm obsessively playing various Zelda games right now), and music. I listen to a lot but I don't play anything yet, but I'm getting guitar lessons soon.
2. I fence.
3. FiveAwesomeGuys, but I've kind of gotten behind on it while catching up on Vlogbrothers
4. I'm interested in them, but I don't understand them very well.
5. Both!
6. 14
7. I can't really answer that! At the moment it's the Poisonwood Bible, because that's what I'm reading right now, but Harry Potter books and books by Terry Pratchett are probably my all time favorite.
8. Punishments are good, and all of Hank's songs. Especially Miniature Soccer Team.
1. Music (I play the flute, listen to classical and classic rock and some indie)
2. I take Taekwondo and I run
3. sxephil. Besides that I tend to just surf around on YouTube
4. Yeah. I'm a libertarian, so I tend to have something negative to say about all the politicians right now XD
5. Either is fine.
6. 18 - I'm a senior in high school, applying to colleges
7. Old Man and the Sea by Hemmingway
8. Uhh probably the nerdfighter insults one. Or Accio Deathly Hallows, because I'm a huge Harry Potter fan.

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