I'm currently in love with Easy/Lucky/Free by Bright eyes.
What songs are you reallyyy into at the moment?
Also, if anyone wants to talk to me on msn or something, do so, I'm really bored and need a little more awesome in my life :)
My email is

Peacee x

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Down Under - Colin Hay
Hank Greene it all makes sense at the end.
Me neither. I've had it stuck in my head pretty much since it came out, and I've played it like 40 times. Such a good song!

so much love for that song

Slave Labor by Fear Factory. I can listen to that song non stop....or at least until my battery dies. XD
Autopsy Song- Otep
i love we used to vacation by the cold war kids,and hospital beds by the cold war kids....also..down under by men at work...strangely i love mrs robbinson by simon and liking stay with me baby by loraine ellison...and elenore by the turtles...and ofcourse daydream beleiver by the monkees..that is only a small insight to my lifes soundtrack at the mo =]
Ghost In The Making by Floater
Shes only 18- The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Who Needs Sleep by the Barenaked Ladies
Also, Call and Answer by the Barenaked Ladies
This one
well i keep going between Mrs Nerimon and Secret Agent Man


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