And to think that friday is Anne Frank's 80th birthday.
here's the story:

let it also be known that this ass hole also has a website on which he spreads hate and predjudice towards basically, anyone who is not white. I will not be posting the link here, but the few quotes I have read from his entries are enough to make me throw up.

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It's kind of ironic that my English class just finished studying the Diary of Anne Frank and the Holocaust. Since it's one of the last days of school, the TV was turned on today, and that was being broadcast on the news. Needless to say, my English teacher was pretty pissed when he saw that.

Some people in this world are just truly, truly horrible. It's so sad.
People should spend less time shooting and more time being awesome.... because shooting isn't awesome.....
The Shooting at the holocaust museum made me mad but is was
Wiley Drake and his imprecatory Prayers that made my blood boil. Hatred
and evil exist in this world and we as Nerdfighters should fight against it.

Eric Gorse
Why are some people so idiotic as to think that they are better than other people because of nothing more than their birth?


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