I'm definitely interested in going to see John speak at the Spartanburg library gig on Saturday. Is anyone else thinking about going? I'll have to drive almost 3hrs to get there, and I'm afraid I might end up sleeping in and skipping it if I don't have a little more motivation!


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I'm totally going.
I'll only have to drive about 1.5 hours to get there, but I'll still have to get there early.
This'll be my first time seeing John speak live.
Pretty exciting lol

Nerdfighters ftw
Other then that fact that I am over 8 hours away I would have gone. but I just found out that money won't allow for the trip :(

So Jess you have to go and support John for the both of us :D

is that enough motivation :P


I hope so. I'm planning on going, but I know myself, and getting out of bed on a Saturday...
I am definitely going. I live nearby in Greenville. I'm so excited that i get see John. Does anyone know what time he is speaking?
Just checked the schedule. He's speaking at 2. So you wont have to get up too early ;)
there is a definite possibility i might be going. it'll take me about three hours to get there, too. i hope i can make it, seeing John read live would be amazing!
This shall definitely be awesome. I've never been to the Jamboread before, nor have I seen John outside of a video XD
hurrah! I hope to see everyone there.
well, we'll all be there to see john speak at 2, then there's the book signing right after...i'm sure we can find each other and maybe go somewhere for coffee/food/hanging out. maybe i'll bring a sign that says "Nerdfighters". :)


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