I'm new to the ning, though not a new Nerdfighter. There have gotta be some Chicago Nerdfighters here - where are ya?

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Right here. :DD
A suburb of Chicago but whatevs.
Same here Allie. I became a nerdfighter the next day. it was so not awesome. ;-;
i'll be a chicago nerdfighter in a little over a week...
Hey did you go to Turminus? you probably met new nerdfighters if you did
is anyone in the tri-cities area??? batavia, st. charles, geneva???
I live in chicago. I go to Loyola.
I used to live in Naperville (it's a burb...) but now I live in Kansas. Way less cool.
I live in Chicago, too, though I feel far away from all the cool stuff. I live near Portage Park.


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