Has anyone watched Glee? It is my new favorite show!

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I have, im obsessed with the gold digger and don't stop believing version from the show. I so want fin and rachel together, and will and emma and im so mad i missed it last week!!!! but it is easily my new favorite show!!!!
Don't Stop Believing is awesome! I'm actually listening to that right now. :) I think Rachel and Finn should get together. I'm not sure about Emma and Will, though. I think what his wife is doing is going to be interesting later.
Part of the show is about defying high school stereotypes. Finn is in both football and glee, even after everyone made fun of him.
Oh God. WIN.
Bahahahaha. Thank you.
It's a lot smarter and directorally quippier (by which i mean the quick cuts, odd soundtrack, and flash backs) than FOX's and typical primetime shows, so I quite enjoy it.

Plus, it's a musical once every week. SCORE.
I've been watching it. It isn't my new favourite, but it gives me something to do when I need to procrastinate. I like that it follows the HSM idea in that it shows a musical production... but that they show more about how it's produced and it isn't a musical within a musical.
I also think the actress that plays Emma is adorable... like a baby deer. (Yeah... odd, I know.)
It's still a bit early to know whether I'll actually like the show or not, but once I start something, I have to finish it. So... yeah.
What about it makes it your favourite? :)
It's the only one I watch right now, since everything else I used to watch was canceled, Mental is on break, and ANTM got bad. I love it so much! XD I hope it stays around for several seasons at least.
I'm in love with this show!! It is so smart and funny and musical! I'm so happy I got my roommates to watch an episode of it, and they were all hooked. I hope it does well, because I'm weary of awesome new shows I like being cancelled for no reason *coughPushingDaisiescough*
It just got picked up for a whole season! Good news! Hopefully it won't go the way of my beloved piemaker *tear*

By the way, Pushing Daisies won more Emmys than Mad Men. So there, ABC! :P
i miss that show =[[[
pushing daisies that is, i love glee tho it better stay around for awhile,,, = D
I LOVED Pushing Daisies. Why do they cancel all the good ones?
I think that it isn't too bad however it is way over rated. The show is somewhat funny and the singing and music is quite good but I find it a little boring and in a way cliche. It is a really good idea for a show but for some reason I just can't get into it.


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