Has anyone watched Glee? It is my new favorite show!

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OMG I love this show. I am a bit of a Gleek. It's not come out in the UK yet. I think the pilot is on in January but I have been watching it on the internet. I'm sad they're on a break for aaaages. I love the pop culture references and Mercedes. "I'm Beyonce, I ain't no Kelly Rowland."
Personally I love this show because it is not afraid to make fun of itself. I think that it knows that high school life isn't as cheesey as this is, but it still addresses a lot of the same issues. I just hope they don't become stupid about it.
so I of course chose not to watch the show during its season in hopes of avoiding an obsession. I then made the mistake of watching all episodes i could on, - falling uncontrollably in love. my problem now, however, is that hulu doesn't have every episode at once, so i have only seen the last six(ish), and am now looking for the first few. does anyone have a clue as to how i can get my hands on the first part of the season (without buying the whole DVD)?

omg!!!  glee is the best thing in the world (other than TFIOS and anglerfish)  Ive watched it since the first episode.  Long live gleeks!!!!

i just watched it recently, and i literally watched every episode in a week, i am SO addicted ohmyrowling. i didnt think it would be that good but it really is! i love finn+rachel, and kurt+blaine. im so proud of Darren Criss <3 (he's the whole reason i watched glee in the first place) But it's like he's one of us <3


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