Today is awesome because I got the highest grade out of my class on an English assignment and raised my grade from a 'C' to an 'A'.


So why is today awesome for you?

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my art teacher submitted one of my pictures to an art competition! i might win something!!! =]
Sounds awesome =]
Oh BABY! Good luck with art and such :]
oooo congrats thats awesome!
Good luck!
I hope you win everything!
Go you!
Good luck!
Why is today Awesome?

Because I'm one day closer to my three day weekend. (I so need a break from work!) I know its lame but today was kind of sucky and I'm trying to look at it in a glass-half-full manner.

BTW, Congrats to both of you!
Today is awesome because...

I finished Twilight
I was able to sign up for my last (possibly) class for next quarter
I had strawberry ice cream with gummy bears on top
I Think its cool that a boy read twilight most guys wouldn't do that i give u props and yeah its a good book
You rock for reading Twilight!! ^_^
You do it too! People in ice cream shops give me weird looks when I put gummy bears on my ice cream.


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