We all do it. You know, the book (or series) that you love but don't really want anyone to know, because it's a little young for you, or has vampires in it, or whatever makes you self concious.
Your favorite guilty pleasure book?

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The Twighlight Series..hands down! then again when im with other girlies like myself i have no problem.
Its when im in my Literature Studies or Creative Writing courses taht I hide things like that.
The same with me.
Hence the vampires refrence.
Yeah, when I heard the vampires thing, I thought that might be it...
agreed! Twilight ftw!
Well, the last officially catagorized book that was considered "Teen" that I read, was the three Twilight books. I seem to pull more reads from the 9-12 section, than the teen section ^_^ The Septimus Heap novels, by Angie Sage, and the Chris Ridell books are entertaining for all ages.
As an adult, I really don't care what books I'm seen reading, or where they come from in the book store. As long as it's well written, and it keeps me entertained, then it really doesn't matter.
I suppose if you want a guilty pleasure, it would be the Fancy Nancy books. Picture books, but they have beautiful illustrations and the tales of Nancy are just a pure delight to read. ^_^
I've become enthralled in the Twilight series. It's definitely my guilty pleasure!! I read New Moon and Eclipse both in three days. I don't know if I'll make it another five months for Breaking Dawn!

After I finished Twilight, my response to people was that it's better than any book should be. I hold to that. :)

My other guilty pleasure YA series is the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld.
I suppose the Twilight series is my guilty pleasure, and books by Meg Cabot. There's also a plethora of books about high schools with romance and stuff which I read. I don't like the really trashy ones though, like gossipgirl, or the clique. *gag*

Nothing beats guilty pleasures like my two friends' favorite books though: romance novels. The ones with hot sweaty guys clinging onto a beautiful woman with a large bosom on the cover. It gets very annoying having to hear them talk about them all the time. I don't think I'll ever stoop that low in the guilty pleasure category. :P

My personal greatest guilty pleasure would have to be fanfiction. xD
Yeah Meg Cabot! I went to book signing of hers many moons ago. I also read the Georgia Nicolson books.
some dicepticonion in training girls in my class like clique
My guilty pleasure used to be fanfiction, but i don't have time to troll for hours anymore. so now, i read the redwall series for light stuff and medieval fairytale books like the seer and the sword by victoria hanley. good book, but aimed at middle school readers. also, I have all the artemis fowl books ^^
lol. Fanfiction is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. I can spend hours there.

But Meg Cabot books are my guilty pleasure in print.
me too


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