We all do it. You know, the book (or series) that you love but don't really want anyone to know, because it's a little young for you, or has vampires in it, or whatever makes you self concious.
Your favorite guilty pleasure book?

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I am still a teenager. But...

The Artemis Fowl series. I love Butler.

And Mr. Pudgins, of which I am not ashamed in the least. That book is amazingly awesome.
I feel so bad that I consider it a guilty pleasure but...

Holly Black's Faery Series. It pretty much caters to all of my fangirly needs. :P
The Twilight books. They're not very well written and the plot line is a little ridiculous, but I still love them. Same goes with the Alex Rider books, and the Guardians of Time Trilogy. I guess its just like an escapist thing, but I certainly don't tell people I read books like that. :)
The Clique series! They're all about he girls who's lives revolve around being the most popular and the clothes they wear and their little problems but they're so ADDICTIVE! Once you get past how superficial it seems there's actually really good stories and ideas behind it. It's like the PG version of Gossip Girl, which makes me feel immature at times so I only read them at home but they're really well thought out and written, pus the author has clever ways of sneaking little life lessons :D
I don't really know, I really love the Twilight series but I don't consider it a guilty pleasure, same with the Uglies series. I think that my guilty pleasure is the Princess Diaries books, and other Meg Cabot books.
The Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot.

I kind of outgrew them lately, but I might read the last one (I haven't, and I've read and own all 8 that have been released so far) that came out.

I mean, come on, they are called The Princess Diaries, and they are usually a quite feminine and sparkly color. So, I get kind of embarrassed, because they don't look the most intelligent - though you should never judge a book by its cover.
One of the greatest authors of teen books is Sarah Dessen.
Shes written "Someone Like You" "That Summer" "This Lullaby" she is a truly amazing author, and i think the best teen book is Someone Like You.
seriously check her out.. like srsly
I love Sarah Dessen!
I just bought 'The Truth About Forever' which I haven't read yet but I also have 'Just Listen' and 'Lock and Key'
Alright! :)
Oooh. Fun!
My guilty pleasure must be
chicken soup for preteens
and Mia Hamm and lots moree were those come from lol
i just like those kind of books
it not only good it just reall in Reality
and in Genially if you no what i mean.
"these young authors will shock you, surprise you, make
you laugh and maybe even cry."
seriously check her out..
like srsly
Oh...I don't care about people knowing! And I LOVE vampires!! :D

Tamora Pierce is one of my all time favorites - I've read all of her books multiple times.
Shannon Hale is really good as well (Goose Girl especially)
Erm...Christopher Pike has a few really good ones (and has 7 books on "The Last Vampire)
L. J. Smith's series "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Secret Circle".
Erm...Laurell K. Hamilton's earlier stuff (of which her first book is actually titled "Guilty Pleasures") Anita Blake, Vampire hunter!! Her stuff has became not rated for teen/children after about the Burnt Offerings. *sigh*.
Sheryl Jordan (Winter of Fire or A Time of Darkness), Sherwood Smith (Crown Duel - OMG!!), I could go on and on....(oh! Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones -- very good!! However, Castle in the Air? Not so much!)

I have Twilight but I just bought it so...haven't read it yet. :D Will do so soon! DFTBA!!
Tamora Pierce is amazing, I have to admit that. Speaking of which, I need to see when the next book is being released ^.^
I have to confess that, generally, I read teen fiction even though I'm probably "too old" for it. Recently I've been getting into stuff by Scott Westerfeld - I thought the Uglies Trilogy was fantastic and the Midnighters Trilogy was a lot of fun (although admittedly I think it did have some growing pains - but being his first teen series this was to be expected). I'm currently on Peeps and I must say that I'm liking it quite a bit.


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