We all do it. You know, the book (or series) that you love but don't really want anyone to know, because it's a little young for you, or has vampires in it, or whatever makes you self concious.
Your favorite guilty pleasure book?

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Twilight and Nancy Drew. Yeah I said Nancy Drew.
I love Draco/Hermione fanfics... I mean, they'd be good together! (I don't like Ron/Hermione very much... though years of Harry Potter RPs probably has a lot to do with that...)
I can't think of a specific titel right now, but definately all the really cliche fantasy-novels I used to read.
Also wouldn't want everyone to know about some of the more obscure Harry Potter-fanfics I've read (and enjoyed).
This is an interesting topic! I have to say, though I read a lot of children's and teen books, I'm not ashamed. They are too young for me (I'm 25), but I don't care. They're good books! If for some reason I were ashamed of something I was reading, I'd just say I was being a good librarian and researching patrons' interests.
Twilight Series for sure,
but as a close second I have to say Meg Cabot books.
I also still read the Junie B. Jones books, a
nd I have to say, they're still some of my favorites.
HM. Well...I'm reading You Suck by christopher moore and that has a vampire in it...but it's so funny. And yeahh...but I would say Spidersick Chronicles...because I'm a teen now so I'll just say I loved that serie when I read it when I was ten or something. :)
Mine would have to be.... the Harry Potter series. I know everyone has read it, and you see a lot of people out there reading it, but the books first started coming out when I was in elementary school and I didn't read them until I was 20 and I kept having to go back to the book store to buy them.. and I read all seven in like three weeks. It was rather sad.

I would say the Twilight series, but that on is so freakin' popular now, its hardly a bad thing to be reading it.

OH, the Chronicles of Narnia. I LOVE those books. I'm a little embarrassed about it, but not too bad.
lol awesomeness
i still like reading Goosebumps books occasionally. & ahhh, Robert Munch books! <3 my favve is Mortimer
idk if anyone remembers hearing or reading a long time ago about "Henry the Duck" by Robert Quackenbush. He's always in quite a bind 2 look for or hang out w/ his 'friend' Clara, & gets in2 the most funniest situations.
&& of course fanfiction. since i sometimes write fanfics i like 2 read them 2. i spend i think a week or two printing all these PierreSLASHDavid [Simple Plan] fanfics from a site that unfortunately doesn't xxist anymore. i was really happy that i printed them before it got shut down
I read a lot of teen stuff. So Twilight is just another one of those. Not really a guilty pleasure.

I'd say the Georgia Nicholson series are my guilty pleasure. I love them to bits. They amuse me soo much.
All American Girl by Meg Cabot
I read it all the time even though I've grown out of all the other books by that Author. I love all the SKA music in it. :)
twilight is the best book ever writen (in my opinion)i soooooooo cant wait for breaking dawn to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! and the twilight movie!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! lol!
The Twilight series are the best books ever! They are my pleasure...but not guilt-ily. All my friends know that I'm obsessed--About 10 are obsessed with me. Twilight should totally NOT be a guilty pleasure book, its the best--no need to hide it! Probably my guilty pleasure books would be the Warriors series, Pendragon series, and the Georgia Nicolson series by Louise Rennison. They're all very good book series, but people might think I'm a bit weird to be reading them, they're all radically different. I completely agree with Meg!


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