Just curious as to what other nerdfighters listen to.
Please post the Song, Artist, and Album of whatever song is playing as you type.

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hearing "before i forget" by slipknot and next on the list is "dance of the sugar plum fairy" by tchaikovsky

Open Letter to the Wizards

right here right now - fatboy slim not sure which album

epic song. wish i was in a movie or something when it's playing

Sunrise Prelude by Daft Punk, from the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. It's a really soothing track, and it's instrumental, so it's great for when I'm just chilling on the internet. 

muse -Bliss

Rae Stirling's cover of Taio Cruz's Dynamite 

Champagne Supernova by Oasis

Nataly Dawn's How I Knew Her

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

i really must check them out, i mean it would be worth it even if i hate the rest of their songs, cause that is still one of the best band names ever.

I seriously love their songs. You've probably heard It's Time on the radio. They have a fairly wide range of songs, too.


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