Just curious as to what other nerdfighters listen to.
Please post the Song, Artist, and Album of whatever song is playing as you type.

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Lift Me Up from the Afters' Light up the Sky

Great I Am by Phillips Craig & Dean

All Time Low, Good Charlotte and Simple Plan :3

Lovesong - The Cure had it on loop for about 4 days now.....hope it's really annoying my evil neighbours as much as I am loving it

You Are from Colton Dixon's a Messenger album

"Angel" (song), Massive Attack (artist), Mezzanine (album)

the title song from Kutless's album Sea of Faces...just ended.  starting Your Love Never Fails by Newsboys

Destroy everything you touch - Ladytron

Beirut - Payne's Bay

After All by David Crowder Band

Raise Your Hands by Bon Jovi!!
The Groove by Muse


Youtube Links!

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