Just curious as to what other nerdfighters listen to.
Please post the Song, Artist, and Album of whatever song is playing as you type.

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the Best Thing on Reliante K's 5 Score and Seven Years Ago album

My Hero, by Foo Fighters from Skin and Bones. Just such a beautiful song.

Right at this very second I am listening to Passion Pit's brand new song, "Take a Walk" from the album, Gossamer, which is coming out in July.

the main score to Jurassic Park by the man, John Williams

Scythian Empires by Andrew Bird from his album Armchair Apocrypha

Bubbles - Biffy Clyro - Only Revolutions... Incredible.

Unnoticed on Plumb's Beautiful Lumps of Coal

Drumming Song by Florence + The Machine

"Graceland" by Paul Simon :)

was actually listening to some Black Keys this last week but right now Today For You, Tomorrow For Me on the Broadway cas recording of Rent

"Morning Mr Magpie" by Radiohead

Girls Got Rhythm -- AC/DC


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