I dont know how many of us ther are but i need some real friends other than bad people! OOHHHH SASHAS IN SCIENCE OLYMPIAD FOR FORENSICS! WISH ME LUCK AT REGINALS THIS SATURDAY!

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:o oooh we AZ nerdfighters just got buuuurned. Except everyone knows that AZ sucks. Even AZ nerdfighters.

PS - Good luck at reginals!
Washington Nerdfighter Here! There are lots of us....I will be your ning friend....though Im probably closer to your Moms age than your age LOL.....but I did Forensics in HS and College....what are your areas of expertise? I did Lincoln Douglas debate, Informative, Dramatic Interp, Humorous Interp, and Persuasive....
errrrr....wait a minute...LOL....I just reread your post...and me thinks I have the wrong forensics...LOL Science Olympiad, huh, so do you solve a murder or something?
ACCTUALLY I DO THAT TOO i do LD debate Interp Humorous Interp and expos


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