Are there any GLBTTIQ nerdfighters out there? ...or am i the only gay in this village?

(heheh powa to the little britain reference... *pats self on back*


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Anthrosexual (a cooler way to say "bi") here!

Nonheterosexuality ftw.

I actually met my girlfriend though NerdFighters.
i'm straight. i don't care about the choices ppl make as long as they don't mess with me, but it annoys me that there is so much pressure on straight ppl to be bi. at least there is where i am. has anyone else noticed this? as long as gays and bi's (i'm not sure if that's the right word) are being accepted, and it will be considered wrong to force them to be straights, it had better be a two way road. straight ppl shouldn't be forced to change their sexual orientation just to be accepted by their peers.
I've never heard of anyone being pressured into being bi before. Maybe you're just in a weird area? I live in a very liberal, very gay friendly area and I've never heard of such a thing.
I know a few people who I am convinced are bisexual simply because someone they are close to are, but I have never heard of anyone being pressured. But yes, I consider it a two way road.
Representing the B here!

Also, totally a great question - I'd been wondering for a while myself.
Hey hey, I'll answer to the B there. :D
awww queer nerds are made of gay awesome. Thats awesome-tastic.

BUT i think i deserve the gay nerd cake. I MARRIED ANOTHER NERDFIGHTER GIRL. :) Thus, i now appoint myself leader. *puts on a leader worthy hat*

"'re the leader...? You dont look ANYTHING like the beans!"
Congratulations on your marriage!
Merci! *apoints you second in command for an excellent suck up job* *grin grin grin*
yay!! You are definitely the leader :D.
married gay nerdfighters for the win!
bisexual here. ^_^ nice to see this thread! I was wonderin'


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