Moulin Rouge & Across The Universe... Which is better?

I don't expect to get many replies about these movies. But, I just recently watched Across the Universe, and I've grown attached. So, I was just wondering what everyone else thought about the movies... That is, if you've seen them both.

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Both but I prefer Sweeny Todd over both of these.
I like Moulin Rouge but I love Across the Universe. Good musicals are sometimes hard to come by.
This is a hard one - on one hand I LOVE The Beatles - but on the other I LOVE Ewan McGregor.

After thinking my decision over for a couple of minutes I'm going with Across the Universe. Why you ask, well first things first I don't particularly care for Nicole Kidman, second I love The Beatles and always have ever since I was a wee little one. I think the overall effect of seeing all of those Beatles songs on the big screen was just plain awesome. Sure I've seen the actual Beatles movies and heard their songs from that perspective but it's just different experiencing it on the big screen. Plus I love the fact that the didn't just stick the the Beatles songs that were huge, they used ones that weren't insanely popular as well. (Example: Happiness is a Warm Gun - not one of their biggest hits) Where as Moulin Rouge used pretty much all top of the charts songs.
I think that, movie wise, they are both pretty equal.

Music wise, on the other hand, I would have to say that Moulin Rouge is better by a micrometer.
Yes, it's so close I made up a measurement to describe it.
I love Across the Universe!
I honestly thing that it is way better then Moulin Rouge.
I don't know if I would be able to choose.
I love both.
I'm a big beatles fan, but I also like how they did the music in Moulin Rouge.
They both have different styles.

In other words, so I don't make this confusing, it's a TIE.
Moulin Rouge is better!
I love both movies. But the Let it Be scene in Across the Universe brought me to tears, it was beautiful.
Me too, it was so moving.
Oooohhhh! OK I watched MR with my cousin and personally found it a bit annoying. but Across the Universe is my all time favorite movie! all the aspects of it I love! The songs, the film effects, the actors/characters, its so amazing! but then again the Beatles are my favorite band so I'm kinda bias =]
and it has been a long time since I have seen MR and maybe i will like it more if I see it now...=]
but still AtU is better!
Across the Universe because Beatles music is the best!


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