Moulin Rouge & Across The Universe... Which is better?

I don't expect to get many replies about these movies. But, I just recently watched Across the Universe, and I've grown attached. So, I was just wondering what everyone else thought about the movies... That is, if you've seen them both.

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ACROSS THE UNIVERSE!! Hands down. Any movie that pays tribute to the most awesome band of all time is number one in my book! And the Jude guy is hot. =)
umm basically this subject just got me really angry not in a agressive just in a
'wait you cant even compare these two'
its like comparing a horse to an airplane...
you catch my drift?
like hands down my favourite movie ever is across the universe but i love moulin rouge also.
you just cant do that! how can you even pick?!
I dunno, I don't think it's fair to compare the two. Across The Universe was good in a novel way, it's just interesting to see the new take on the Beatles songs, but the story was very obviously contrived to fit the songs, sometimes not very well. Moulin Rouge is completely different. I think they're both equally good.
wow that is really hard :|
I think I have to agree with AJ =P
I have never watched Across The Universe xP but I guess that'll be over soon! I personally loved Moulin Rouge -I'm a huge musical lover~ <3- and if some people have replied things like "This is a tough question" and things like that, I've totally got to see Across The Universe~....

Green Fairy FTW! xP
I think its a tie, they're both amazing! I think MR has the visual edge though.....
Moulin Rouge FTW! The story was original, the songs were beautifully sung, and the ending.......Come on now, I know Ewan tells you at the beginning that the girl he loved was dead, but it was still pretty shocking that Nicole died that soon! I would have at least thought they would have had some time together after the show, but nope. Curtain drops and Nicole is dead. Very shocking. I like movies that take an unexpected turn, and don't go by the norm. Nicole Kidman dying, and a movie having an unhappy ending is not something you see everyday. That is like if The Green Goblin had killed Spider-Man in the first movie! So yeah, Moulin Rouge is better! Plus the Green Fairy is just awesome!
I'm with Vivien on this one, I don't think you can really compare the two. One is a movie about love in Paris back in the days when Moulin Rouge was the shiz and the other has to do with the Vietnam War and, "Oh yeah! Let's throw in a love story." The only reason you'd think of comparing these two movies is the music, and that's also unfair. Come on, comparing the BEATLES to the Police, Elton John, and Marilyn Monroe?? Not all that fair. Very very very close, but no cigar.

To be honest, personally I like Moulin Rouge more, but that's because I'm a huge sap and I like the love story between Christian and Satine more than Jude and Lucy. I love both of the movies, I really do, but Moulin Rouge wins in my book.
Moulin Rouge ftw. I love Baz Luhrmann. He is a cinematic genius.


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