i have always enjoyed lateral thinking questions... as sad as that may be, but they really do make you think. I mean they really, really do. But what i like better is a good question that makes you think even more...

So these are a few question that well make you think;

1.You find a purse/wallet on the pavement, you pick it up and inside you find alot of credit cards, $5,000 of banknotes and a set of keys to a very flashy car. What do you do with it, knowing that the person is most likly looking for it?

2.Would you change your answer if the purse/wallet had some how belonged to an old lady, or if it belonged to an arrogant young man?

3.Would you kill a random person, not knowing who that are, for an extra 50 years to be but on to your life?

4.Would you rather save 50 of your good friend from a burning building, or cure any discease or illness of your choice, helping save millions of random people?

5.If you could spend the next 20 years doing somthing extradinarily well, but become really bad at it as soon as the years where up, would you, and if so, what would be your talent?

There will be a lot more of those questions to come, i just wanted to know what you think..... =]

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1. I would return it to the person, because it sucks to lose stuff.

2. I would be extra vigilant to return it if it belonged to the old lady, but if it was the arrogant young man, I would keep $200 as a finders fee. ;)

3. No.

4. I would choose the burning building, because even though a cure would help save a lot of people, there are still other diseases and problems in the world. And I don't even have 50 good friends, so I would have no friends left at all.

5. I would love to have the talent to do schoolwork and homework quickly and efficiently. Afterall, in 20 years, I won't have to worry about school!
Just because this is my question, I may as well answer it,

1.I would take about $200 (i have no pound sign on my keybord!) from the purse but then give it in

2. I would give all of it back to the old women, and leave the lost wallet where i found it if it was the man.

3. No, god no, unless it was of a lonly, depressed suicidal person, then i may consider it! =]

4. Save the good friends, which sound selfish, but i do love them

5. i would probs choose what Kate said, but, to be honest, it is really hard to think about, maybe running or swimming, coz after the years are up, i don't really think i would want to do it again!
1. Well, first, I'd look around and see if the owner's anywhere nearby looking for it, and hand it back if they were. If not, I'd take it home, go on the Internet & do a search on the person, including running a criminal background check & looking at the value of property they own. If I found they were filthy rich and/or criminal, I'd keep the cash but mail everything else back to them anoymously. Otherwise, I'd keep some of the money as a finder's fee (how much would depend on what I found out about their finances) and mail everything else back.

2. See answer number one. Being an old lady doesn't preclude being filthy rich and/or criminal, and being arrogant and young doesn't automatically equate to not needing money.
Plus, age has no real bearing on whether or not someone's a decent person - there are plenty of arrogant & nasty little old ladies in the world.

3. Absolutely not.

4. Save 50 people from a burning building, regardless of whether I even knew them.

5. You betcha. I'd spend the next 20 years making lots of money & putting it away; then I'd retire.
those are some neat questions but I know the answers to them like this *snaps* but that's just because I think in the abstract often X)
1) Bring it to the police or manager nearest.
2) No, it would still be stealing.
3) No. I know where I'm going when I die. Do you?
4) 50 good friends (if I had that many)
5) write music cause in 20 years your music won't be liked anymore anyways X)
1. Take it to the police station. Not because I'm any sort of good person, but because those things (especially the keys and credit cards) are easily traceable.

2. No.

3. Definitely not.

4. Save 50 of my good friends and hope none of them ever got the disease or illness I chose not to cure.

5. Possibly... I'd pick writing. But, I don't think I could handle losing this "talent" in 20 years, so maybe not... hmmm... lol
i keep changing my mind on what i would do!

i didn't realise that this is actually hard...
1. I would give it back to the person, because if i had lost it i would want it returned to me.

2.I would return it to the old lady ASAP, but i would pester the arrogant man until he gave me a reward.

3.No i would not kill a random person not knowing who they are for 50 more years on this ticking time bomb.

4.Well i would save my friends someone else is eventually going to find the cure for that illness such as one of my nerd fighters made of awesomeness that i saved. only because if I'm doing something extraordinarily well i will have a lot of public attention then have a horrible reputation as soon as my years were up.
1. i would take 50-75 dollars and look for a drivers liscense~~if there was one, i'd look around for the person who is the owner of the purse/wallet then put the money back b/c i'd feel bad about taking it then either turn it into the police or if there was a buisness card, take it to the person's work

2.if it was an old lady, i would find her and give it to her immediately but if it was an arrogant man, i would
still give it back but, if there was a cell phone, i would check his text messages that would be extremely wierd and selfish

4. save 50 of my friends b/c i love my friends

5. wow thats a hard question!! i dont think i'd want to do anything if i couldn't have achieved it honestly and thru hard work
1. I wouldn't take the keys or credit cards, but I would take some money.
2. No.
3. No because those years would probably suck because I would be so old already.
4. Save my friends.
5. No because I can already do things that I apply myself to well. =]
1. Turn it in to the police, nothing removed.
2. Turn everything in to the police either way, but I'll probably grind my teeth for a bit if it is the property of an arrogant person.
3. Never. That's too selfish for even me.
4. Hmm, good friends? So the best aren't there? Well, acting like all my friends are "good friends," I'd save my friends. I believe in science to come up with the answers in due time (though I am impatient).
5. Public speaking. I love speaking but am absolutely awful at it.


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