Please, Please, PLEASE can you tell the worst movie you ever watched, or a movie that was so bad that too many people warned you about it, so you didn't want to even take a little glimse at it...

Titles can include...

Men in Black, any but not all of them
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Movie (soz to all fan of the movie)
The Fantastic Four, Raise of the Silver Surfer (never been watch by me, been told it was rubbish though)

There has been a little verdict that...

are the worst movies ever


save a Nerdfighter, help a friend... ;)

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I had a friend who just made me watch Repo! The Genetic Opera. yes almost every single line is sung and there for the movie makes no sense if you don't listen to every line of song (and then it only makes slightly more sense). every characters back story is told thru a comic book like scene complete with speech bubbles and sound words (exactly what makes a thmoop sound during a fist fight?) The movie takes place in the future and is about  how people start getting all sorts of surgeries from a company who seems to control the world called GeneCo who replaces various parts of your body with their own products because it's fashionable and when the patients can't pay a repo man comes and rips it from your body. this movie's only redeeming quality is that you get to see Paris Hilton's face fall off. And then the movie gets really bad when about half way thru you find yourself enjoying some of the songs and then wanting to shoot yourself directly in the eardrum because you realise something is seriously wrong with yourself. yeah yeah it was a vary painful couple of hours 


i didn't expect this rant to be as long as it was. lol

I'm gonna have to go with Birdemic: Shock and Terror seen here:

you can watch it on nexflix if you dare. It's actually strangely entertaining considering how impossibly awful it is. 

Adam and Paul is a complete trainwreck of a movie. I finished it and sat in silence for another five minutes wondering why on earth I put myself through the whole of it. Funnily enough, it's one of those film that seem funny and interesting in retrospect but dear lord in heaven above, it's not. It's terrible. Don't ever do it to yourself.

Dragon Wars

The worst movie ever made was Plan 9 from Outer Space, but it's so bad it's good.  It was supposed to be serious and kind of creepy, but it ended up really funny.

High school musical is the worst idea...ever! 

Birdemic, The Room, Leprechauns in the Hood, Thankskilling, Satyrcon, The Notebook, Twilight, Frozen, Jun-oh, errrrmmmmmm yesyesyes!

I agree with you on The Notebook and Twilight.

hahahahhaaa. My family LOVES them & I think that they're crap.

As for others I think, I'd have to say Avatar: The Last Air Bender, & Insidious.. have to be two of the worst ones made. hahahahaa... awful..

I would either say the room, high school musical (although that should be under crimes against humanity), twilight and Napoleon Dynamite. 

 Dragon Wars is a terrible movie! so is Transformers, theres no character build up and the story is crap in both. just bad!

I disliked Inglorious Bastards, I found it to be immature and pointless for the large part. Just my opinion though. 

I would have to say Fantastic Mr. Fox or either Avatars. I really hated the one with the blue alien things. That movie was so stupid. I mean, the plot was unoriginal and it was like 3 hours long. Another movie I hated was Alvin and the Chipmunks. Stupidest movie ever.


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