Please, Please, PLEASE can you tell the worst movie you ever watched, or a movie that was so bad that too many people warned you about it, so you didn't want to even take a little glimse at it...

Titles can include...

Men in Black, any but not all of them
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Movie (soz to all fan of the movie)
The Fantastic Four, Raise of the Silver Surfer (never been watch by me, been told it was rubbish though)

There has been a little verdict that...

are the worst movies ever


save a Nerdfighter, help a friend... ;)

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I don't really watch many bad movies for some reason, or I simply suppress the memory of them... But one that comes to mind is the movie 2012. It's just ridiculously bad.

I'd recommend watching the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 episode of Manos, it's great.

2012. Just 3 hours of hurricanes.


Love it when the lead character outruns the friggin Yellowstone super-vulcano eruption! And oh so serious it all is, there's not a shred of irony in it. Another favorite is the sneaky earthquake at the supermarket. ;P

Open Water.

Plot of the movie: Couple goes scuba diving, gets left behind by tour group. You end up watching them bob up and down for an hour and a half screaming for help until they get eaten by sharks.

You know its an awful movie when everyone refuses to watch it at a bad movie party.

man that sounds totally retarded lol

Super Mario Bros: The live action movie. Just the fact that it's a video game movie alone is cause for alarm.

Please take a little time to watch Open Water just so you know it's the worst. movie. ever.

Freddie Got Fingered. This movie hurts my brain with it's existence. What's worse is that people keep claiming it's art, there is just no way they can be serious. This movie feels like trolling before trolling was a thing. 

I'd put The Room on here because there is no word for the level of ineptness on display here but I can't stop watching it. It has me firmly in the grasp of it's insanity. My friends and I keep quoting lines from it at each other. 

There are a lot of 'bad' movies that are great. Then there are movies like Solaris, the english remake that are just bad. Nothing note worthy happens. It's just a lot of astronauts looking confused, the audience waiting for a monster or drama, or something....and then the film ends.

I was on a flight once and had to endure "What a girl wants"......mind numbingly bad i had to bite my fist the whole way bad in fact i got copies for five friends for that christmas....its like chinese water torture but with poor dialog...each moronic plot move another drip on the forehead 


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