-Marauder's map
-Thor comics
-Digimon soundtrack

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Ha ha I used to love it too ... probably why i put it on my wall... I was so sad when it went off air =( lol
Snape:Friend or Foe T-shirt
The Star Wars Vault
Duct-tape covered drumsticks
HP yr 6 book poster
a battery-powered lava lamp
Hippiefest T-shirt
Special Edition The Nightmare Before Christmas
Special Edition Rocky Horror Picture Show
Special Edition Monty Python and the Holy Grail
the last three on your list...
yep, I got em too.
-harry potter books
-harry potter diary :S
-books about playing guitar (it's nerdy how much i read them :S)
-anything and everything relating to Germany and my strange obsession with it
-2 of the best books ever written - "An Abundance of Katherines" and "Paper Towns"
I forgot about my pirate flag and extensive collection of pop tabs.
a fiber optic bonsai tree
Janson's History of Art, 3rd and 5th editions
a quilt made from bits of '60s polyester
a Phi Theta Kappa purse that I bought at the international convention last april
a framed cookie recipe that I had published in one of those books you find next to the check out at the grocery store
a portfolio full of really bad artwork I did in high school
a large collection of novelty socks
my personality
My treasure map bandana!

Ender's Game comic
ummm watchmen ( anamazing u all have to read)
oblivion pc not consonle
halo book well 2 halo books
anything starwars mostly (yeaaa to darth raven ......kotr)
ohhhhh stilll my n64 and zelda ocarina of time (one of the best games ever) stiil play it
Doctor Who Toys
Nintendo Plushies
Spider-man poster
4 GameBoy colours (none of which are broken, I just couldn't make up my mind which I liked most)
A lego house I built 2 years ago
Harry Potter toys, posters and scarf
My Dad always makes jokes about me being a 7 year old boy *sigh*
hmm the nerdiest things I own...
-2 Rubix Cubes (a 3x3 and a 4x4 and i can solve both though not the 4x4 all the not)
-a TI-83 Plus calculator full of about 20 games so I can entertain myself in class
-a shirt that says I heart Nerds
-A molecular model set I bought for my organic chem class but really just like playing with it
-probably more but i really have to leave for class now or i'm going to be late...


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