My favorite vloggers on Youtube are the FiveAwsomeGuys, CharlieIsSoCoolLike, Walllofwierd, Makemebad35, Nerimon, and of course the VlogBrothers. Who are yours?

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My favourites have to be MattG124, AndrewBravener, and CharlieIsSoCoolLike. They all make me smile :)
Charlieissocoollike, smosh, whataboutadam, and yes VlogBrothers
They're all my favourites :) and FiveAwesomeGuys.
(besides vlogbrothers of course) nerimon, foundmyrosebud01, jimmy0010, cadegoestocollege, tyleroakley, whatthebuck, & smosh!

i like me some variety!
nerimon&tyleroakley are my favorites too.
plus vlogbrothers. :]
Oakley is made of pure effectual awesome.
Well apart from vlogbrothers and 5AG (and T.O.5AG) and their individual channels... Benloka really cracks me up, Jerryhcooke is probably the most adorable person on youtube, lesliefoundhergrail, and vlogtag.
oh my God.... Thank you for putting me and vlogtag on your list! That is so great!
Mine are CharlieIsSoCoolLike he makes me laugh :') and
Makemebad35 he makes me laugh even more and then
FiveAwesomeGuys Because they are Awesome ^^ :]
OMG, same fave vloggers...


Vlogbrothers, charlieissocoollike, nerimon, fiveawesomegirls, whataboutadam, smosh, Strawburry17, instantmashup, italktosnakes, WinterSpringPro, meekakitty, michaelaranda, MysteryGuitarMan etc. etc...
I'm such a YouTube addict!


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