What is your opinion on school?
Is it a prison, a place where we are forced to memorize useless facts and dates, wasting our time and almost a 1/4 of our lifespan?
Or is it a paradise, a place where you can learn how to lead, discover new skills that you never knew you had, and find new friends?
Personally, I have mixed feelings. I like to learn, but not what they teach us. I like to make friends, but not spend time with them in school, where my interests conflict.
Now it's your turn to speak!

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Middle School was brilliant for me. You are able to be creative there because people aren't telling you yet that you have to be an adult.

High School to me was just a fancy way of making young people feel miserable. That isn't to say that I had a horrible time in High School, but I would rather not go back if I had the choice.

College is great. You can really be an individual and find a niche that you fit into perfectly.

So, I'm going to go with the opinion that school is a work camp. Not really fun all the time, but you get a lunch break and get to go home after 8 solid hours of doing manual labor.
Elementary school was a small hell for me because everything was so limited in both educational and social matters. Middle school was okay but I think it would have gone over better if there was less socializing and more teaching (not to say I'm not thankful for the teachers I had who taught us bare state minimums and a hell of a lot from their experiences). High school is hell. It's the point where everyone knows they can tell authority where to shove it...but we really, really want to go to college.
Elementary and Middle School were both pretty good for me since I was a kid, I didn't care, and they knew we were all kids. High school is absolute hell.
I can predict that when I am older and they ask me to compile a list of the 5 worst times of my life, High School will be on it.
Nothing at the school suits my interests, and nothing I am learning will ever have anything to do with my future career, which is a career in music.
The fine arts department at my particular school is not funded and total crap, so the only shred of hope that I can do what I love doing is well... Shredded.
Honestly, sometimes I'll walk through the halls of that damn school and wonder why I haven't snapped and killed anyone yet.
When I was in school I personally hated it. Now that I am finished/done for the moment I miss it terribly. Of course that could be due to the fact that all of my classes were independent study, so I learned and did the assignments on my own time. I would get my work done first thing and then just hang out with my friends for the rest of class or read a book. So now that I am at an outsiders view I would say paradise, especially high school / middle school. College is on a different scale as you pay to be there - but you also get to chose your own courses when it comes down to it.

But either way my verdict at the moment would be paradise - you don't know how good it is until you are forced out into the 'real' working world - trust me.
Well that's the problem, I want to go to the working world, live off of what I make.
I want to join the military and see life through my own eyes and decide what it is for myself.
The working world isn't really all it's cracked up to be - actually the social politics only get worse as you get older.

The military is always a viable option - but remember you wont be going/seeing anything by your own choice, at least not for the first year. You go where they tell you to go and you do what they tell you to do. It's actually more restricting than being in school.
i dont think its a prision or a paradise....
be cause o none hand you have to memorize all that crap,
and on the other you can use it as a get-a-way like from home or whatever..
idk i like school only because of science, and my friends
Hard question...

I feel kind of like you do. The subject aren't that interesting, or we learn boring stuff about a fun subject. I really don't have friends in my class so that sucks pretty much..

But school is good and very useful, no matter how boring we might think it is to learn about a non-important dead person.
I think school depends on the people (not teachers, I mean fellow students) you're around, and well. Your school.

So for me, school's a place with pointless rules and over powered people. There's lack of freedom - you can't do what you want, dress how you want (in the UK or where uniform's there), hang out with who you want or even say what you want. I'm not against learning, or anything. But it's so fixed. And most of the stuff you learn? You won't even use it. I know it's all about opening doors, but what a waste of time! Why would you need to know why King Henry VIII married Anne Boleyn? It's not going to make a difference to our lives. Heck, that won't help us at all.
Furthermore, it's unfair. The punishment, and the hierarchy of doom. If a teacher's had a bad day, you're forced to let them off. If you have a bad day, what teacher is going to spare you? I always thought all people were created equal, but apparently not. And some teachers just don't understand how to teach.

For me, school's a waste of time as I ace at my subjects. Since I go to a private school, I waste £10k anually. I like to learn, but my English teacher teaching my class what a noun is drove me up the wall made me break three HB WHSmith pencils. It's a waste of time and money.

School seems to be like a test - a test with no revision, no help, just to prepare and see if you can wait for what's out there.

*Dramatic music*
Prison! I like learning, but the overall structure of school is stupid. Either it is way too slow (learning what a noun is for the 19th time, being a unit behind the rest of the grade in History) or too fast (math teacher not even teaching us, then slamming us with homework and tests). Some classes are way too easy, others are way too hard. And homework is horrible. Reviewing is one thing, but mindless pointless timedraining work is another. And there is something to be said about the teachers, some are overly fun to the point that they don't teach anything, and there are the overly boring ones too.

I'm not even in high school yet... *shivers*

I adored school in the early years. I love to learn and am genuinely interested in the subjects. Pre-kindergarden to third grade were great, and I loved school, but then it gradually got worse until my hatred set in in sixth grade. The problem is both incompetant teachers and incompetant students who ruin it for those who actually like learning.
Mm! I totally agree. I always thought students should be set in ability rather than age. "Incompetant teachers" lead to "incompetant students" meaning everyone's unhappy.
oh boy. high school is a whole other animal altogether, especially public school. i have nothing against them but there is always more drama in a public school than a private/catholic high school. i don't have to deal w/ it thankfully but i traded that for a school w/o girls which is not fun. lol.


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