At my lunch table today some of my friends were taking about names they want to name their future kids, you know like all girls do ;) and I was just wondering what some of your favorite names are!

I personally don't ever want kids =P but I really like the names Evelyn, Lucy, Peter, and Edmund. I know that three of them are all from Chronicles of Narina. I honestly didn't plan that!

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Girl: Artemis, Luna, Arya, Ayla, Terrence, Charlie, Lily

Boy: Eragon, Aaron, James, Evra, Emmett

The list is actually longer but I can't remember all names that I've come up with. I don't really want kids either, but I love coming up with different names, so if I ever change my mind, I'll probably pick some of these for the child :)

Female Names: Liberty-Primrose, Brises, Whitely

Male Names: Damian, Mason, Alex, Gatsby

Liberty is an awesome name.



For a girl, Kaya, for a boy, Tobias.

Wayne Theodosius , "Theo" 

I've always liked the name Oliver.
If I ever have kids I'm naming them Luke and Leia. What else?


Girl: Edith, Evelyn, Esther, Eponine, Erin, Ruby. (I swear I didn't plan for them all to start with E. It just happened.) Boy: Garrett, Andrew, Adam, Percy, Thomas.
Boy: Quintin or Oliver
Girl: Eloise or Olivia
Holy similar, Batman....

I really dig gender neutral names like... Sage, Harper, Robin, Micah, Raegan...

But (specifically) girl names I like: Amelia, Viola and Francesca.

I'm terrible with boys names though! I sort of like Lucas?


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