Evidently not all books are good.
I want to know what is the worst book you've ever read.

Mine is Benjamin Lebert's Crazy [the sickest book ever, (had to read it for school)]

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I agree with the Twilight part, I haven't read the book you mentioned before though.
Dedication by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus.

I should have known it was going to be bad when it was less than three dollars for a new hardback version. I liked The Nanny Diaries a lot so thought I would enjoy Dedication. After the first few chapters I thought about just giving up but read it all the way anyways. It was awful. The plot was unoriginal and completely predictable. Kate is one of the flattest characters I've come across. I have Citizen Girl too and am now scared to read it knowing that it might be as bad as Dedication.

On the Twilight subject, I did enjoy the series. No, I did not think they were amazing pieces of writing or anything like that but I did find them an interesting read. Something easy as a break between other books. I think there is something to say about an author coming up with a series that gets so many people that rarely read to pick it up.

Also I think people need to take in account that it was written for a younger audience. Think about it in comparison with other young adult series. What other series fit that audience? Gossip Girl? The A-List? I don't think many people would argue with me that the Twilight saga is a step up from those other series. Meyer wrote The Host for an adult audience and you can see huge differences in the writing style. There is much more going on with characters and themes.
If it can be books we didn't finish reading, mine has to be The Hobbit.

It was required reading in 8th grade. Instead of writing a report, I wrote a rant about why I loathed the book.

That book ticked me off to no end, if only for the sheer stupidity of Bilbo Baggins. He's sitting in his nice little Hobbit home when there's this knock on his door and in walks this wizard and like, 83 obnoxious midgets who eat his food, trash his house and then ask him if he wants to go on an adventure with them.

Now, any normal person who cared about their home as much as Bilbo allegedly did would've said, "Aw HELLS no!," grabbed a shotgun and cleared that place out. The book could've been over in chapter one and been 1000 times more satisfying.

But instead, he has this memory that one of his ancestors was an adventurer (recalling his Tookish spirit, or something ridiculous like that), and says, "Okay fine," and goes off with them! GAH!

I wanted to smack the heck out of him. The only way what he did would've made sense is if he took one look at what these jerks did to his house and furnishings and decided to chalk it up as a loss and leave the place abandoned. But that's not the reason he gave. Eight chapters later, I was still ticked off about chapter one, so I stopped reading the book.

By the way, I got an A on my paper on The Hobbit.
The Hobbit was good, or at least I thought so.
But I do agree with what you said about if Bilbo really cared about his house.
not Twilight, though I wish it were..(not that it were worse, that I had never read the others.)
Actually, it was a tie:
Black Beauty:
-for school
-really in your face with the anti alcohol message (bold and italics, seriously?)
-over two hundred pages about a stupid horse.
-I usually dislike animal books, but this one takes the cake, slimey and maggot infested as it is.

Wolf Tower:
-aka "The Book That Nearly Killed Fantasy"
-One of those stupid "just kidding" endings, but it wasn't even a surprise.
-if there was a plot contest between it and an episode of the wiggles, the demented australian singers would win.
-all the characters were pathetic, pathetic and annoying, pathetic and annoying and perfect.
-any hint of suspense was always killed in the next sentence.
(heck, at least it was short-ish!)
I haven't read many books that made me want to puke, so I don't have a totally awful thing to write about. But I did read this book for a book group once- Private Captain. It wasn't the Worst Book I Ever Read, per say, but I didn't enjoy reading it. It was somewhat boring and lengthy.
i don't read a book if i think it's rubbish. i give it so many pages and thats it.
Anthem by Ayn Rand
Dickens has to be read on your terms, not on a deadline for a course. I don't know why they still teach it when everyone knows that it would take months to properly analyse the novel. And by months I mean like, two-and-a-half.
I read Great Expectations my freshmen year. I had a great teacher and he spend around three months going over the 600+ page novel.
The Ringworld Throne. The original Ringworld was quite good and the passages in the Ringworld Engineers concerning addiction were well written but this installment is shit. I have a fundamental problem with unplanned sequels. Hyperion Cantos was always meant to be four books so the writer had it all planned out. Niven however wrote this one in a few months after he failed to come up with a decent plot for a third Integral Trees novel. He had a contract to fulfill so he pulled a James Patterson and churned out this load of garbage. Every time I fell self-conscious about my writing I simply open to any page of Throne and remind myself that It was printed three times and sold tens of thousands of copies.

Never ever read this book.


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