Evidently not all books are good.
I want to know what is the worst book you've ever read.

Mine is Benjamin Lebert's Crazy [the sickest book ever, (had to read it for school)]

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My Name is Asher Lev was a crazy bad book I had to read back in 10th grade English, I don't really like any of Chaim Potok's books, they can be so vague and his main characters, especially Asher, scare me too much to enjoy them.

Another book was Please Stop Laughing at Me by Jodee Blanco. I felt terrible for young Jodee but at the same time I didn't like author Jodee all that much. When I started reading the book I was expecting that young Jodee would get bullied and she would develop skills to overcome these encounters. Instead, I found that the book was filled with 200 some pages on how mean everyone was and how sweet Jodee was. I admit that I too was bullied a bit in school and sometimes it seems like the bullies did it for no reason but there were times when I brought the bullying upon myself by being deliberately dorky or weird. Of course, this is no excuse for bullying but I at least never claimed to be a saint. I saw PSLaM as just another "you're not alone out there" piece. I think Ms. Blanco might have written it just as something to make herself feel better because the book won't really help anyone and wasn't exactly a literary gem.
UGH! reading Chiam Potok is like reading the back of a shampoo bottle.
The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck. Rubbish.
I would have to say the worst book that i ever read was,
well i honestly wouldn't say that there is a "worst" book.

I mean every book has to have some good to it right?
I would have to say The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. its not that it was bad really. I mean, its very descriptive and in fact too descriptive for my tastes and interrests. Dang it anyways. we read it for my english class.
I liked it..sort it in little chunks starting in second grade and ending in third. It's okay a page or two at a time.
I agree. I hated it. Was not able to relate to it at all, and it's like, "Ohai, random redneck sailing down the river, and BOOM, pirates out of nowhere! And let's throw in a con artist, a runaway slave and an idiotic second-banana while we're at it!" And then of course they translated it into broken English. What the hell was the point of that book anyway? Serously!?!?1/1
A Separate Peace.

The main character Phineas breaks his leg in the middle of the book, then re-breaks it later falling down some marble steps, and he had pneumonia too. While he was in surgery, the pneumonia infected his blood stream and went into his heart and he died. Another dude went insane and spent the rest of his life in his dining room. Pointless crap! I hated it!
I'm reading that book right now in English. I actually love it. The characters are amazing and it lets you play scicologist for a little bit.
I read that back in high school. It was my least-favorite book I'd ever had to read for a class. Until college, at least.

It was so pointless. It's supposed to be about schadenfreude, and betrayal and remorse, but the main character (and everyone else for that matter) came off as boring and one-dimensional. It read like the diary of one of Holden Caulfield's phony classmates at Pencey.
Erm...that's not even what happened.
I was not a big fan of "A Wrikle in TIme". I had to read it in the 5th grade. 4 years later, and I have not found a book I dislike more. I hated that book.


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