Evidently not all books are good.
I want to know what is the worst book you've ever read.

Mine is Benjamin Lebert's Crazy [the sickest book ever, (had to read it for school)]

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Erm...that's not even what happened.
I was not a big fan of "A Wrikle in TIme". I had to read it in the 5th grade. 4 years later, and I have not found a book I dislike more. I hated that book.
Haha, that's like my favorite book ever! What about it don't you like??
WHAT! AWIT was my second favorite book in first grade! Then again, I also liked Phantom Tollbooth...and I had never read any scifi-ish stuff before, and I now love scifi.
Breaking Dawn was fairly craptacular despite all the twihards thumping it like they were Christians with the Bible, but Stephen King books in general make me want to die from suck.
I'm a twihard...and I thought it was horrible as well. Well,not horrible but it wasn't...good? I just didn't like it as much as the other three.
Stephen King books are made of pure, unfiltered, perfect AWESOME. No joke...

i really hated "grab on to me tightly as if i knew the way" . i loved the title of the book and the cover art but honestly, two pages in i wanted to burn the book.I finished it though and immediately picked up the next book i could to get the taste out of my mouth.

i hate how any book with a teenager in it immediately gets compared to catcher in the rye and all the reviews on the back were like " for all those who were waiting for the second coming of holden , now's your time".........bushi
Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer.

Flat out.

That is the ONLY book I've ever read that I've hated. Honestly.

I can has multiple worst books? :-)

I don't usually read the massive bestsellers, because, let's face it, what the masses like is not always necessarily good... However, I gave "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown a shot... what a waste of my time!
- the writing was atrocious .... seriously, read some of the dialogue out loud and at least get a laugh out of it
- predictable plot
- the characters are flat, annoying caricatures - Sophie, though apparently a cryptographer, actually deciphers very little and seems to be present mainly in a pouting and needing to be rescued capacity
- anything about the story that was even mildly interesting was a complete rip off of "The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail"

Also HATED "My Sister's Keeper" by Jodi Picoult - picked it up at a train station bookstore in a hurry, did read it because I had nothing else to read on my rather long train journey, but ooooooooh what a load of drivel. Very "made for tv" movie. First and last time I will ever read anything by Picoult, I think, life is just too short.

I think those are probably the worst two I have actually read - I'm sure there are many others I picked up, stopped reading if I wasn't enjoying them, and banished from my memory.
WHAT?!? I love jodi picoults books! She's such a good writer... I loved My Sister's Keeper
I did too, even though I normally hate that sort of book.


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