What do think is the best anime? Choose from anything, no restrictions here!

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I think it's too hard to choose ONE best anime ever, because there is such a large variety to choose from. Some people would choose some sort of Romance anime while another might choose a mecha. 

For me, personally, it suppose it is a tie between Clannad: After Story, YuYu Hakusho, and FullMetal Alchemist: BROTHERHOOD. I don't see why Brotherhood's getting so much hate from fans. From what I've seen and know of the original anime, the plot of Brotherhood is superior. Eh, they both have they're good points. (Sorry, now I'm ranting...) 

Hmm, I haven't watched a lot of anime, but from what I've seen, I'd say Evangelion. And Elfen Lied right after. 

Let's consult my anime list. I think MyAnimeList is awesome, before I found it I used to keep a text file with all the anime I watched; I recommend it to all anime fans.


Ok so these are the ones I've enjoyed the most:


At the moment, because I've just finished watching it, I would say Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann was my favourite, but my favourite changes often. However there is a bit of variety up there with the different types of story and what is included in them so I encourage everyone to check out their pages and watch some of them, I doubt you will be disappointed.

Asking difficult questions, are we?

There are a number of series and films which I really like and each has their own quality, so I'm just going to drop a list.

  • Freedom (or Freedom Project) is a 6-episode series which was made as a promotional project for some brand of noodles. It is set on Eden, a city on the far side of the moon, in a period after the population of Earth got wiped out because of some kind of climate shift. The animation itself is a bit meh, but the quality of the environment and fluff makes up for it.
  • Dead Leaves is a 50 minute film which is incredibly fast paced and needs a few viewings to be understood very well. It's about two renegade criminals who've escaped from a prison / mining colony on the remaining shards of the moon. The awesome thing about this one is that it combines anime with a marvel-comic like drawing style, for instance at explosions you see the explosion plus screen-filling text going BOOM.
  • Kuragehime (Jellyfish Princess) is very different and deals with a bunch of Otaku (nerd girls) living together in an apartment building (no boys allowed), one of whom is obsessed with jellyfish. One day she meets a hipster girl who helps her with something at a pet store because the owner is being an ass. Only this girl turns out to be a cross-dresser, which she finds out after s/he spent the night. Again nicely drawn and animated, but this one is particularly strong on the emotional side.
  • Spirited Away. Well, we all know this one do we? I've only seen it a few days ago and it blew me away.
  • Ouran High School Host Club. I've seen this one mentioned in this thread as well, a very funny one.

one piece!

Best anime ever?
Well as a person question that is kind of hard, for about three reason.
1. The massive amount of anime that I have personally seen, makes the choice very difficult.
2. Most of the stories in Mainstream anime (i.e Naruto, Bleach, One Piece) are shallow and Filler is Killer
3. I am most prone to watch seasonal Anime (12-26 or so episodes), for the reason that The story is easy to understand and yet gripping and the characters are well thought out if only for a brief Series.
extra. 4. I am very bias the mecha anime, because the Gundam Series was the first anime that I watched and enjoyed.

So to answer that question, even though I gave a lot of back story, is a toss between Trigun, Gundam Seed (and Destiny) and Hell Girl.

the best anime movie i think is howl's moving castle

and then i think the best anime series is xxxholic - "mokona is mokona. you count them like this - one mokona, two mokona, and then you stop, 'cause there's only two."

I grew up watching Pokemon, Beyblade and you-go-oh and they are still my faces. However I liked Card Capters as well (anyone else remember that one?) I am finding it hard to choose but I think I'll have to go for the obvious one here...
"Pokemon, I choose you!" 

Hard question! Now or ever? I guess the taste change with time, one of the best animes now would be Guilty Crown because I think the theme is really good so are the drawings and N6 is actually really good too. 

But if a look back Inuyasha, One PIece and Nana were some of my favorites, and I was completely addicted to them! I liked Naruto too but I think they tried to make it way too large! And I'm still watching Fairy Tail and Darker than black! 

Full Metal. :)

My all-time favourite is Code Geass, but I haven't watched a ton of anime in a couple of years. Behind that is Kyou Kara Maou, excluding the existence of the 3rd season. I like both of those for very different reasons.

My favourite anime movie is Howl's Moving Castle, and I also own the book, which adds a whole new level, as I'm sure you can imagine.



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