I always dog-ear my books. Some say this is abuse. I say it's a display of my affection. Do you dog-ear your books or use a bookmark? Do you have any special bookmarks?

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I used to dog-ear (library books included), up until I was told not to some time in Elementary school.  For a while I would use the jacket, if the book had one, until I realized that bent it.  Since then I've used bookmarks - normally a scrap of paper or unused napkin, since that's what's closest.  I'm very focused on having everything nice and organized, so anything that would damage a book, even if it's still completely useable, is taboo to me. I was very put-off when we had to annotate and highlight for English class, but now I do that to my favorites because it's annoying to have to search for a favorite passage for the tenth time.  Books that I can see myself reselling or giving away, however, I don't mark.

Bookmark. I will use just about anything for a bookmark, but I can't doggy-ear my books.

I dog ear magazines, encyclopedias, information books but not novels. I don't really know why. I use a bookmark that I made out of a To Write Love on Her Arms t-shirt tag, mostly.

Both. *nods*
I have no problem with dog-earing. I do it on occasion. It goes right up there with underlining quotes and writing notes in my books; it's a way to make them mine. (There are thousands of others with the exact same book, but doing such a thing makes the copy special to me, personal. It only happens to really good books. XD)

But I usually memorize the page number I'm on and just close the book. When I don't it's a 50-50 chance as far as which will happen. 

I don't use either, I remember the the page number, because I always lose bookmarks and I have an obsession with keeping my books in pristine condition, I think I'd collapse if I leant a book to someone and they'd dog eared it! But if its your own book then its not abuse! I have a beautiful bookmark that I got from my best friend last year that's hand made, but I daren't use it in case I lose it somewhere, so it's just chilling on my bookshelf for now, surrounded by my Harry Potters! 

I don't think I've ever had a real preference.

I think my definition of "bookmark" has become very loose and encompasses anything from letters or pieces of scratch paper to pens, pieces of wood, wrapped granola bars, nick-nacks, or other books. In the case of hardbacks, I'll often use the inside flaps of the dust jacket to mark my page, but if it's a paperback or I simply don't see anything nearby that's thin enough to allow the book to close at least most-of-the-way, I'll just take a look at the page number and assume I'll remember next time pick it up. If I don't remember, then I'll spend a couple minutes reading and recalling and finding my place, something which I seem to enjoy.

I find that I use dog-earring to mark pages with passages I want to remember, those times when I don't have a pencil handy. The fold will be in whichever corner is closest to such a passage, "pointing" at it.

On a side note, the term "dog-ear" always reminds me of the scene from the movie Finding Forrester where Sean Connery's character says something like, "look, you've gone dog-eared one of them. Have some respect for the author, why don't ya?" referring to a page in a book of which, as it turns out, he's the author.

I like old, battered books. Most of mine are dog-earred, water damaged, battered and broken. I don't think i can even say I have all the HP books any more because I'm missing about 50 pages from various books

i'm sorry, but, while accidents happen, this seems to cross the line into abuse to me.  at the very least i'm baffled by how you can even read, let alone enjoy the books any more if they have seriously damaged and/or missing pages.

feel free to enlighten me though.

I agree. While I used to treat my books horribly(which I blame on the kid logic of "well I didn't pay for them"), I now treat my books like I have the only copy in existence. Accidents do happen though, as my water damaged copy of World War Z shows. My Harry Potter books on the other hand, are pretty beat up. Number one has the entire middle half of the book broken out. Two is paper back, so it is pretty destroyed. Three is broken at the spine. Four is banged up and covered in stains, mostly from Doritos, same with five. Six is in perfect condition, as even though I went to the midnight release, I got 300 pages in and quit due to some misgivings I had with it. It ended up in a box in my closet. I did not buy seven until Part 1 came out, and even though it is paperback it is still in perfect condition.

Bookmark. Bookmark.  Bookmarkbookmarkbookmark.  NEVER EVER DOG-EAR, AAGHAGHDG.

:) My family now carries book marks with them where ever they go for the simple reason that if I see a stranger dog-earring a book I will hand them a bookmark.

anything works for a bookmark. A flyer, a sticky note, a handkerchief - anything. I never dog-ear. I feel physical pain whenever I find one page crinkeled. :(

Fun fact: around here we call it a donkey ear :)


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